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Bigger Train Stations
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Jan 29, 2017 @ 2:37pm
Jul 27, 2017 @ 1:20pm
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Bigger Train Stations

This mod adds more options to train stations: more tracks & longer platforms, but also a very short platform and pretty much everything in between has been added ;)

  • stations with up to 1000m length
  • new 40m stations
  • build in steps of 40m instead of 80m (e.g. 120m and 200m are now possible)
  • more tracks: build anything from 1 to 48 tracks
  • comes with free cake. here you go: 🎂
  • this mod can be safely added and removed at any time. Your savegames will not be affected.
  • adds options to all vanilla stations (you will still get the same stations, there are just way more options to pick from)
  • adds options to Curved train stations, Sloped train stations and other modded stations that do not alter the track configuration
  • Tested with all train station mods currently available in the Workshop. Not compatible with: "Longer Train Stations v5", "Longer Train Stations (400 m)" and "Cargo station without middle ramp". Compatibility issues usually arise, because another mod is trying to do the same thing as this one (i.e. adjusting properties of the vanilla train stations). Having incompatible mods active won't cause crashes and it won't damage your savegames, but this mod may not work as expected.
Random remarks
  • this mod also fixes a bug in TpF which causes the ground not get properly aligned if a station with a second street connection is built - has been fixed in the game
  • the allowed number of tracks for the passenger through station and the cargo through station was reduced due to an issue in Transport Fever that caused error messages to appear (e.g. "Terminals are not properly").
  • If you did not buy the game on Steam, get the mod from
  • Your feedback is very welcome. If you encounter any issues, please leave a note in the comment section below or on
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jjwebley12 Sep 7 @ 8:13am 
it does not work for me either
Syphec Sep 2 @ 6:50pm 
i have enabled the mod but ti does not work
Geoa.2 Aug 19 @ 11:57am 
wo ist mein Kuchen!!!!
Lord Raccoon Jun 23 @ 4:52am 
Sadly crashes the game when trying to connect with some other stations including no mid ramp. Had to turn off((
michalm-ller May 18 @ 5:43am 
Ich hoffe das Ding schmiert mein Spiel nicht ab :steambored: :steambored: :steambored:
michalm-ller May 18 @ 5:40am 
Das wird cool sein.
zerghnandus May 12 @ 12:08pm 
@wabbithunta Maybe that happens on new games? Im currently playing a game with over 400 add ons and i have both of those station mods and its currently working ok. Could be mod order probably?
Luzifer May 12 @ 4:08am 
The cake was a lie!
wabbithunta Apr 10 @ 2:22am 
Apparently issues with another station [Mod: Cargo station without middle ramp]
in this game causes the game to crash, and it would appear that, according to another thread - see link attached - this mod [Bigger Stations] is the cause of this problem, or so they say.

Tom.thumbstone [author] ....
...Bigger Stations breaks the scripting code from Urban Games that is used to build and modify the vanilla stations.
Until the author of the Bigger Stations fixes this problem, you have to disable the Bigger Stations, build the cargo station and reenable the Bigger Stations...

Tried their "fix" and it works, for me at least.

So who's right, and who's wrong, with regards to Mod scripts?
Answers on a postcard please.... ;-)
Maestrocunt Beria Mar 15 @ 12:54am 
I have the mod installed but it doesn't have any effect on my game. I am using other station mods but none of them are the ones that you've listed.