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Jan 22, 2017 @ 9:10am
Sep 6, 2017 @ 8:17am
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M.S.K.E. - 4 Islands Map
Malden - Sarugao - Kolgujev - Everon

Version 2017
Release Date: 22.01.2017

Hello friends,
here is my latested Project. My dream to bring 4 of my most loved OFP islands to one map is now reality. All islands have been newly revised.

\\ Technical Details
Terrain size: 25,6km x 25,6km
Grid size: 4.096
Cell size: 6.25
Satellite image: 25.600px
Object count: 1.453.262

\\ Credits & Thanks
Special Thanks to Luki (ACE) without him there would be no update.
Bohemia for the Arma series & Schusch for the original Sarugao island!
Schusch (I wrote to him, but he never answered me, unfortunately.)
Heros (Miscellaneous works)
Roehre (Help with some scripts)
T-800a (for helping me with some config problems)
The whole X-Cam Team!
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Jan 31 @ 7:07am
MSKE Signature Issues
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LCol. Darcy Nov 17 @ 1:22pm 
Would it be possible for you guys to make Altis and Stratis into one map...?
Cause this is hands down one of my favourite maps out there.
Otomie Warrior Nov 13 @ 4:53pm 
@Henn-Frankfurt it be cool if you replace the unenterable buildings with arma 3's. This map would be 100 times better.
henn-frankfurt  [author] Jun 15 @ 3:45am 
2 second by translator!!! The map is working properly. I do not do anything for Arma3 anymore and I will not do anything anymore. Sorry, you have to deal with it yourself.
Cybran_Boi Jun 14 @ 2:56pm 
umm,,,,,,, english pls?
henn-frankfurt  [author] May 29 @ 6:52am 
Die Karte läuft einwandfrei. Ich mache nichts mehr für Arma3 und werde auch nichts mehr tun. Sorry, da müsst Ihr schon selbst damit klar kommen.
Grisu May 28 @ 11:31am 
Hallo Maper. Ich hab ein Problem mit eurer Karte. Hab diese für meinen EXILE Server verwendet. Runtergeladen habe ich sie von Armaholic, doch leider werde ich immer mit dem gleichen Fehler von meinem Server gekickt. Irgendwas stimmt nicht mit einer hotzenplotz pbo Datei zusammen. Ist es euch vielleicht möglich dass Ihr auf den TS kommt und wir uns kurz darüber unterhalten können? Würde sehr gerne eure Karte dafür nutzen. TS: Danke schon mal.
Woeful_Wolf Apr 18 @ 8:36am 
Hey there! This is an awesome map but I was wondering; is there a way to just get the Sarugao map alone? I saw your item on ArmaHolic but is there a way you could put it on the Steam Workshop for easy download?
Sniperturtle Apr 1 @ 1:20am 
You're a dayumn hero for bringing these maps to ArmA 3. Can you port the entire ACE Island Pack? And AEC Island?...
Never mind i am dreaming...
Serpz Mar 30 @ 10:58am 
any plans of getting this into arma 3 launcher?
Cybran_Boi Jan 27 @ 5:17pm 
this map reminds me of the map that had the secret sub base

that map was the best

to bad the map was removed