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Locomotive Price Adjuster
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Jan 20, 2017 @ 1:21pm
Jan 27, 2019 @ 2:38pm
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Locomotive Price Adjuster


This mod allows you to adjust buy and maintenance cost of locomotives. To form the price mod uses pseudo-vanilla cost formula. This means that formula in the mod
– on the one hand gives the same price for locomotive as vanilla formula do
– on the other hand it allows you to adjust prices by some multipliers.
For example, you can easily reduce buy cost of the locomotives by 25%, but keep maintenance cost at the same level.

This Scriptmod is 100% Savegame compatible, it can be loaded and removed at any time.

Default values

By default mod multiplies buy cost of the locomotives by 0.75, but keeps running cost unchanged.

How to change price manually?

1. Find mod.lua of this mod in the game folder. The path should look like this:
2. There you need to change price multipliers at the top of the file:
local buy = {dieselPowerPrice = 0.75, electricPowerPrice = 0.75, steamPowerPrice = 0.75, } local OandM = {dieselPowerPrice = 1., electricPowerPrice = 1., steamPowerPrice = 1., }
First three ones changes buy cost of the diesel, electric and steam locomotives respectively. Second three – changes maintenance cost.
Here are some examples:
New diesel buy cost = Old diesel buy cost * buy[dieselPowerPrice] New steam maintenance cost = Old steam maintenance cost * OandM[steamPowerPrice]
3. Save the file.
4. Restart the game, if needed.
5. ????
6. Enjoy new difficulty!

Have non-Steam game version?

Download >here<[]
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Devilhunter  [author] Dec 4, 2019 @ 9:07am 
@Rafn, I guess yes. I've already bought TF2 and waiting its release.
Rafn Dec 4, 2019 @ 8:44am 
Will you make this for Transport Fever 2?
TheViper492 Jun 3, 2019 @ 4:47pm 
@Devilhunter I'd really still like to be able to see the aging effects. Basically my problem is this: In real life railroads are still using diesels from the 60s, and then when they're done with them they sell them to short line railroads and they continue using them. In the game, however, if you keep a train for longer than 5 years than the maintenance cost increase makes it impossible to make a profit you know? Like I have loaded 30 car ore trains but because the locomotives are halfway through their life cycle it doesn't make a profit anymore. That's my problem and I don't know if there's a way to fix it. Thanks for replying btw it's nice to talk to someone that knows more about how the game works than I lol.
Devilhunter  [author] Jun 3, 2019 @ 7:02am 
@TheViper492, Nope. The game itself defines how to change running costs over time. I can only change the initial value. That changes work both vinalla and modded vehicles.

However, there is a way to do what you want. If we increase lifespan of vehicles to, let's say 99999 years, then running costs will grow much, MUCH slowly. But then you won't see that aging effects like rust. Are you OK with that?
TheViper492 Jun 3, 2019 @ 1:22am 
Could you make this so that maintenance costs don't change over the life of a vehicle? Can you do this for modded vehicles?
zerghnandus Feb 4, 2019 @ 1:14pm 
@Devilhunter Thanks man ! Its working fine now ! Cheers ! :steamhappy:
zerghnandus Jan 28, 2019 @ 3:02am 
Hello mate ! I tested it and it seems to be ok, but your other mod is now the culprit:

error: error: : attempt to index field 'capacities' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C](-1): __index : v
res/scripts/mod.lua(69): ?
Devilhunter  [author] Jan 27, 2019 @ 2:41pm 
@danielsevcik, @zerghnandus, I updated the mod. Please, check how it works.
zerghnandus Jan 24, 2019 @ 11:13pm 
Very nice mod man thanks ! Its causing a problem with 2 other mods though: ÖBB Railjet and Seamons train pack. Both give the same error:
error: error: : attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'power' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C](-1): __mul : v
res/scripts/mod.lua(69): ?
danielsevcik Jan 24, 2019 @ 3:38am 
Hi. Game crash with this mod after "Thank you update"
Problem is with this line (113):

cost = speedCost(data.metadata.railVehicle.topSpeed) * 2415 * data.metadata.railVehicle.engines[1].power
...attempt to perform artihmetic on field "power" (a nil value)

Maybe the field power has new name after update. Can you help?