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Hearts of Iron IV

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Player-Led Peace Conferences
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Jan 19, 2017 @ 8:41pm
Feb 28 @ 11:09am
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Player-Led Peace Conferences

Currently supports patch 1.6.0 and above but will work just fine on previous versions.

This mod gives players full and direct control of peace conference proceedings in wars they are involved in.

IMPORTANT: You may need to press "Pass" a couple of times before the AI gives you their points.

You can distribute territory to your allies by clicking on their flag and then clicking on the map.
Wars without player involvement conclude as normal.

This mod makes no changes to anything else other than peace conference AI and is compatible with any and all other mods and will work in multiplayer games.

There are a few limitations to this mod:
- It's currently only possible to grant land to allies, so you can't give them puppets of their own.
- If you are a puppet yourself, the AI may or may not give you their score.
- In multiplayer games where two players are part of the same faction, how the AI gives away score is unknown.
- It is NOT ironman compatible.

Recent changes:
Version 1.0.5 - 2019-2-28 (for 1.6)
- Patched to 1.6.
- Increased amount of points given to players on passing.
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Apr 17 @ 6:08pm
This Mod makes the AI really bad in peace conferences
Kaiser Wilhelm III
Mar 15 @ 7:08pm
Why are the AI not doing anything in peace confrences?
Apr 4 @ 10:30am
Is this mod compatible with other mods?
Not Kaiser
< >
Bean Man.mp3 19 hours ago 
@Zeta44 did you read the mod description?
Zeta44 Apr 21 @ 3:05am 
how do you create puppets for other nations?
Gottfried Apr 15 @ 6:40pm 
@SchrodingerStein to use cornflakes you have to right click on hoi4 then go to properties, after go to versions then click the button that says "opt out of all betas" change it to cornflakes or 1.5.4
Ramen Noodle Allah Apr 14 @ 6:03pm 
Hey man this mod makes the AI give me their victory points, please fix
Appo Apr 5 @ 7:04am 
hey man, this mod is causing my game to crash with the OWB mod even when it is just those 2 running but when i turn plp off it runs fine. any reason as to why or how to fix it?
SVaughan Apr 3 @ 1:31am 
@SchrodingerStein this mod is compatiable for ANY game version. I use it in the 1.5.4 beta version because Millennium Dawn is stuck to that version as well for now. Mod still works fine.
SchrodingerStein Apr 1 @ 1:51pm 
I'm sorry, but is there any way to get the older version for Cornflakes? I have a lot of saved games for that version that use this mod I haven't finished.
The Durutti Column Apr 1 @ 6:51am 
Great idea for a mod. Is it save game compatible? Got a hefty china game i would like to drop it into.
Kavkaзkaя Pchelka Mar 30 @ 10:53pm 
Из Советского Союза - Привет!