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X-Cam-Taunus (Version 1.1)
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Jan 6, 2017 @ 9:59am
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X-Cam-Taunus (Version 1.1)

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the second version of the X-Cam-Taunus map. This version is around 96% completed and we want to release the final version later this year.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with more or less work and knowledge
and we hope that the Arma community will enjoy the beautiful places we’ve created.
We also want to thank Bohemia Interactive for providing such a great game with
the possibilities to built a map like Taunus, even that we have placed 99,99% of all
objects with X-Cam ;-)

X-Cam-Taunus facts
Object count is 5.658.123
Map size is 20480x20480 m
Grid size is 4096 cells
Cell size is 5 m
Sat/Mask size is 10240 m
Citys and Villages 34
Airports 2

X-Cam-Taunus licence
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0:

X-Cam-Taunus forum
forums bistudio:

X-Cam-Taunus team
Silola Object placement, TerrainBuilder
Hotzenplotz Object placement, Objects, Configs, Sounds
Poolpunk Object placement, Objects, Configs
Chaser Object placement
Deox Object placement, Objects, Configs
MemphisBelle Object placement, Configs
Heros Objects, Configs
MaXx Objects, Configs
MCPXXL Objects, Configs
Luki Objects, Configs

and ... t-800a, Sky, Schmidt, Hektor, Flattermann

Credits and special Thanks
Special thanks to Kju for “taunus_aiatp.pbo” and Mondkalb for all the MBG stuff :)
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Jun 17 @ 1:55pm
if anyone finds a server running this map
Jun 2 @ 10:27am
Map is not working
[KG-7] Chr1sN4tion Gaming ツ
Sep 9, 2017 @ 8:47pm
cant use this on Mac :/ why?
< >
DatBagOfChips 7 hours ago 
Stunning map, absolutely beautiful :)
Frank Castle Jul 7 @ 10:20am 
Az daha ağaç ekle amıına koyduğumun evladı eklede fps imiz düşsün amk
[EH] -=Chaser=- Jul 7 @ 4:46am 
信條 Cr33d 信條: Maybe you should not play on Taunus with an old or bad configured system
AntonCreed Jul 5 @ 2:56am 
20fps across the whole map
[EH] -=Chaser=- Jul 3 @ 1:09am 
Hey Foxy, this is not a building from one piece. I made them from about 1.800 single pieces with x-cam.
FoxyOnPC1080p Jun 27 @ 11:58am 
Hey Silola, I am wondering where I find the building you used for the airport fire station?
[EH] -=Chaser=- Jun 23 @ 3:23am 
[GBCV]-Silva: The map is suitable for every playstyle. from rpg to milsim or relaxed car driving simulator ;-)
[GBCV]-Silva Jun 21 @ 3:21pm 
rpg map ?
Shiina Mashiro Jun 19 @ 7:05am 
Really one of the best if not THE BEST map that you can get in Arma 3. The amount of details thrown into this map is AMAZING, everything looks so beautiful and just driving down the streets with a car makes me feel like i am home!
Greetings from germany.
Your map is AWESOME! :) :steamhappy:
[EH] -=Chaser=- Jun 12 @ 10:14am 
thank you guys. more than 1 and a half year past taunus release, we love to read your kind comments. Also we want to thank you for playing on this splendid™ piece of hard work. If you guys play on it the work was worth it.