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Inventory Viewer


Required blocks:

FIRST and at all points henceforth - make sure all blocks are set to be owned by you.

1. Programming Block
The programming block needs to be loaded with "Inventory Viewer", checked (compiled), and remembered (saved)

2. Primary LCD panel

Add the tag "[LCD_CARGO]" anywhere in the front or back of LCD panel(s) name.
Example: "LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]"
Insert the name of the container / refinery / group name / etc. in CustomData field.
Example: "Large Cargo Container 2"

3. Secondary(s) LCD panel (optional)

Add the tag "[LCD_CARGO]" anywhere in the front or back of LCD panel name.
Example: "LCD Panel 21 [LCD_CARGO]"
Insert the name of primary LCD pane in CustomData field.
Example: "LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]" or
"LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]:2", where 2 is order


Customizable colors

Primary LCD panel, CustomData example:

backgroundcolor = saddlebrown
bordercolor = black
headercolor = saddlebrown
cellcolor = dimgray
emptycellcolor = gray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = midnightblue
bordercolor = roalblue
headercolor = midnightblue
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = darkgreen
bordercolor = mediumseagreen
headercolor = darkgreen
cellcolor = darkslategray
emptycellcolor = darkslategray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = mediumseagreen
headercolor = black
cellcolor = darkslategray
emptycellcolor = darkslategray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = goldenrod
headercolor = black
cellcolor = maroon
emptycellcolor = maroon
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = darkgoldenrod
headercolor = black
cellcolor = black
emptycellcolor = black
progressbarcolor = dimgray

Table of available named colors:

Table size


Maximum size of 5x5 cells, minimum 1x1

You can disable autoscaling:


You can then set the position and size of the table manually.
(change the font size and text padding)

Custom title

title = "My Custom Title"

This option also causes the script to display the title at a non-standard table size.

Displays in the cockpits and other blocks

Add to cockpit name "[LCD_CARGO]", just like you did for the panels.

In CustomData, you need to add parameters for the displays as follows:

Large Cargo Container 2

Large Cargo Container 3

Here: [LCD1] - the parameters of the first display, [LCD2] - the parameters of the second, etc.


Large Cargo Container

Assembler 2

Assembler 2
Medium Cargo Container

Medium Cargo Container 2
Assembler 2

Modded items

Add entry in CustomData of programming block:


RLE_Encoded_Image: to create, use my converter
(size 32х32, monospace font, RLE Encoding)

icons pack from Stargate mod
Stargate mod:

Example 2, overriding the standard icons:
icons pack from HD COLORED TOOLS ICONS mod

Colorful Items In The Inventory
Thanks @Morphik
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Danso May 28 @ 10:19am 
This is awesome, and it works fine for me, no issues at all. Even updates on the fly as I move things in and out of the containers, I don't have to recompile or anything. Thanks, Speedy! :happy_creep:
RoxStar May 2 @ 9:56am 
Seems like the script doesn't refresh automatically so you need to keep recompiling the script for it to update your LCD's
Rhyssia Apr 25 @ 4:25am 
Also getting an issue where secondary display flashes between second panel of inventory and "Block has no inventory"
Strato Apr 16 @ 4:35am 
For anyone that would like to know, you can group any blocks that have inventories and then point this at the groups and have all those things included in a single LCD. So if you have small ships where you have several small cargo containers you can put them all in a group and just see the overall inventory information for the group instead of needing a LCD for each box. And anything with an inventory can be in the group and this script will read them. It is awesome! Thank you to the author for this amazing script.
Brownbear Apr 11 @ 10:47am 
Mod works perfectly on my 60 mod plus server.
BOKK420 Apr 7 @ 7:47pm 
smae problem as others, only says "enter name" ....i guess its broken
Beta Mark Mar 17 @ 7:51am 
@blackbeard I haven't used this one in a bit, but if you have blocks that change their name often (Like I do with the ISY cargo sorter renaming my blocks to include how much capacity is used), then you can create a *GROUP* with the container you want to view and just put that GROUP name into the inventory viewer as the thing to show.
Fabs20 Mar 17 @ 5:12am 
@pleymobibope Sit u veux desactiver le % dans le titre du container, vas dans ton bloc prog avec inventory manager, et cherche cette ligne:

// Show a fill level in the container's name?
bool showFillLevel = true;

Remplace le "true" par "false" !
Et voilà y'a plus qu'a reload les scripts ;)
pleymobibope Feb 15 @ 11:29am 
salut je trouve que ton script déchire les texture me font un peut saigner les yeux M'enfin c trop beau, par contre j'ai un sou chie !!! j’utilise un script qui tri mes inventaire en permanence et renomme les cargo du still "Grand Conteneur 1 [61.58%]" Et comme le pourcentage Change il Monte Ou descend, ton script ne le reconnait plus comme la cible et affiche un écran blanc je doit aller rechercher le nom exacte le réinscrire et le scripte fonctionne mais comme l'autre enfoirer de Isy Inventory renomme les coffre ect ect ect.... je pense que le pb ne vient pas forcement du tien mais de l'autre qui est un tentiner mal penser mais il est tellement utile que je ne veut pas m'en séparer j'utilise donc LCD FR pour connaitre l'inventaire des mes coffre :steamhappy:
Blackbeard Feb 5 @ 11:37pm 
Looks nice but it only tells me to put in the name, doesent matter wht I try.