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Dec 30, 2016 @ 10:17am
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Required blocks:

FIRST and at all points henceforth - make sure all blocks are set to be owned by you.

1. Programming Block
The programming block needs to be loaded with "Inventory Viewer", checked (compiled), and remembered (saved)

2. Primary LCD panel

Select font "monospace"
Add the tag "[LCD_CARGO]" anywhere in the front or back of LCD panel(s) name.
Example: "LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]"
Insert the name of the container / refinery / group name / etc. in CustomData field.
Example: "Large Cargo Container 2"

3. Secondary(s) LCD panel (optional)

Select font "monospace"
Add the tag "[LCD_CARGO]" anywhere in the front or back of LCD panel name.
Example: "LCD Panel 21 [LCD_CARGO]"
Insert the name of primary LCD pane in CustomData field.
Example: "LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]" or
"LCD Panel 20 [LCD_CARGO]:2", where 2 is order


Customizable colors

Primary LCD panel, CustomData example:

backgroundcolor = saddlebrown
bordercolor = black
headercolor = saddlebrown
cellcolor = dimgray
emptycellcolor = gray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = midnightblue
bordercolor = roalblue
headercolor = midnightblue
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = darkgreen
bordercolor = mediumseagreen
headercolor = darkgreen
cellcolor = darkslategray
emptycellcolor = darkslategray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = mediumseagreen
headercolor = black
cellcolor = darkslategray
emptycellcolor = darkslategray
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = goldenrod
headercolor = black
cellcolor = maroon
emptycellcolor = maroon
progressbarcolor = dimgray
backgroundcolor = black
bordercolor = darkgoldenrod
headercolor = black
cellcolor = black
emptycellcolor = black
progressbarcolor = dimgray

Table of available named colors:

25 cell mode

enable25cellmode = true

Custom title

title = "My Custom Title"

Modded items

Add entry in CustomData of programming block:


RLE_Encoded_Image: to create, use my converter
(size 32х32, monospace font, RLE Encoding)

icons pack from Stargate mod
Stargate mod:

Example 2, overriding the standard icons:
icons pack from HD COLORED TOOLS ICONS mod

Colorful Items In The Inventory
Thanks @Morphik
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McCorkle Oct 17 @ 9:30pm 
Possible bug with the "Secondary(s) LCD panel (optional)" setup. When I do this with the target of the initial panel being a group, the seconday panel flashes the proper contents, then gives me "Block has no inventory". The display will flash between the two views every second or so.

I'm happy to share my save file or invite you to my DS to see this happening live if that will help debug.
Is it possible to show only one cell that takes the whole screen? I'm using this script to show ammo counts for different weapons; one of my LCDs is SUPER TINY; and standard cell count makes the cells really small.
jokerace45 Jul 31 @ 2:26pm 
Can it handle more than 25 cells ?
Zehet Jul 24 @ 9:30pm 
Speedy Gonzales  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:20am 
Updated. Wide LCD 2x1 Support.
EK ¦ VAArtemchuk Jul 21 @ 9:23am 
Yay! Thanks!
MacAttack_UK Jul 21 @ 1:48am 
Awesome job on fixing this so fast, managed to sort others out but my scripting skills couldn't help me with this one. Great mod I use it lots in my worlds, thanks again :)
Alexs Jul 21 @ 12:40am 
Thanks for the quick update - great!
Speedy Gonzales  [author] Jul 20 @ 6:20pm 
@EK ¦ VAArtemchuk Fixed
EK ¦ VAArtemchuk Jul 20 @ 4:43am 
Hey! The script's broken with the update! Fix, please!