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DynaSound 2
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Dec 24, 2016 @ 3:45pm
Feb 11, 2020 @ 7:01am
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DynaSound 2

-Reuploading this mod is _not_ permitted-

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What is DynaSound 2.0?
DynaSound 2.0 is a sound modification for ArmA3 and all of it's DLCs. It mainly focuses on weapon- and explosion sounds, however all helicopters as well es the Xi'an VTOL were redone, too.

Feature list:
• All weapon sounds were redone, mainly using high-quality recordings.
• Shooting from inside a building reduces the distance one can be heard.
• A differenciated and thoughtfully mixed soundscape. Due to a higher dynamic range and less compression, you can and have to turn your volume up in order to bring out the details and punch!
• Custom bullet supersonic cracks as well as subsonic "swooshs".
• All helicopters as well as the Xi'an VTOL were redone .
• Distant-sounds for helicopters.
• Flyby sounds for helictopers as well as the Xi'an VTOL.
• Rocket flyby sounds. "swiush!"
• Incoming rocket sounds for the MLRS. Usually is the last thing you hear.
• New explosion sounds
• When firing a rocket, the engine sound actually originates from the rocket and is moving away from you. Try the MLRS!
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May 18, 2020 @ 8:17pm
Request: Arma 2 (or similar) movement sounds
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Toriatrix May 12 @ 7:11pm 
Does this add to Enhanced Soundscape? or would it be redundant or create conficts?
Whats the "best practice" ?
LAxemann  [author] May 6 @ 4:20pm 
@Donald Trump
I'm the sound designer of RHS :D
Donald Trump May 6 @ 11:29am 
@LAxemann oh sorry. I see. No chance you'll make an RHS update? I think your mod is much better than JSRS.
LAxemann  [author] May 4 @ 11:07am 
@Donald Trump
It's nowhere written that the mod changes anything about mods.
Donald Trump May 4 @ 10:26am 
Weird... I think it does not work anymore. I think it works for vanilla weapons but not for RHS & other mods...
UselessAnime Mar 23 @ 1:35pm 
Why cant i use it on all servers? its like 99% Blocked the mod?
Max Mar 20 @ 1:36am 
Seeing as re-uploads are not permitted, would you be able to add compatibility with Iron Front. The sounds apply to specific static weapons within Iron Front as they use vanilla sounds. I would be very grateful if you guys could update / release a compatibility add on that overhauls Iron Front sounds.
リー (Ray) Mar 12 @ 12:02am 
I feel like I know the answer knowing that reuploads arent permitted, but are yall okay with compats being made for other weapon mods?
Icchan Mar 2 @ 2:19pm 
@Breech99, The issue seems to be in RHS, the miniguns don't have sound even if you only have just RHS loaded without any soundmods. The issue is not with Dynasound.
Breech99 Feb 2 @ 5:47pm 
RHS AH-6M_L little bird machine guns have no sound. DynaSounds 2 mod for Arma 3 causes this problem. I tested the problem with and without the mod, and it seems this mod is the cause.
This problem does not persist with the .50 with the AH-6M Medium and Heavy variant.