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Dec 16, 2016 @ 10:58am
Oct 17, 2018 @ 1:51pm
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This mod will only modify the max fuel for the original pod launchers from 150 to 600. Nothing more. No new tech, no new buildings. Just more range on your podlaunchers
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Sep 7, 2017 @ 1:56am
xpath alternative
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Ever Sora Nov 29, 2019 @ 12:03am 
Wolves Hero (UK) Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:14am 
Need more range, can't find edit on pod launcher make more long range put 2000
Double Nov 1, 2018 @ 2:35pm 
how much fuel these use depends on how far you send the pods
Copper Boltwire Oct 30, 2018 @ 7:18am 
So the fuel amount corrosponds to their actual range?!?
What if you add to much fuel and only need to go a short way, is all the fuel spent?
I honestly never actually messed around with these... i should...

Subbed - Options never hurt ;)
FBPanther Oct 8, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
What I really want is a button on the pod launcher that with one click,automatically places an architect pod icon on the launcher, instead of me having to go into the architect menu every time to Misc, click the pod, and place it by cursor. This would make me pass out from joy overload.

The way I use pod launchers is to fulfill caravan requests for X number of _____ in exchange for an item I want or silver. I also use pods to drop my fighters next to targets then walk them in to start a fight with raiders or whatever-have-you (mechanoids, man hunter packs) to claim materials or items there. Sometimes I find a place with decent resources and I'll transport in a mining person or group. I use them all the time, in other words.
Sillls Mar 10, 2018 @ 5:56am 
@The SeanMacLeod. Well there are a few things you can do.
1. You can make it work with the (camping mod) Were you can load one peep and fling him/her to a place on the map. Have them build a pod launcher and then have the next pod sent to you land next to it.
The first pod that sent the peep would be lost ofc and only those that land next to the launcher can be reused. A mod called (reuse pods) used to do this.
2. Other modders have tryed to make them fly on there own but have not gotten them to work yet.
"The" SeanMacLeod Mar 9, 2018 @ 9:03pm 
That would be really kuul, but how are you going to recover a pod you launched to somewhere else?
Sillls Mar 9, 2018 @ 2:55pm 
Yeah. I would love it if the pods could be reused.
Sir Luis Feb 6, 2018 @ 8:19pm 
is it possible to make a pod reuseable?
Torres Jan 12, 2018 @ 4:52pm 
Some motherfuckers are dense as a neutron star...