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Puppet Fortress Props [Props/Ragdolls]
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Nov 23, 2016 @ 10:59am
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Puppet Fortress Props [Props/Ragdolls]

This addon includes almost all of the props, ragdolls, weapons, and other misc items from the "Master of Puppets" set I created for the TF2 and SFM workshops.

More props, more ragdolls. As requested, the marionettes and stage props are now available for GMod. I threw the weapons in as well, even though I recieved very few requests for those. The marionettes themselves use the exact same rigs as their respective TF2 classes. If you encounter a rigging issue with a marionette, it probably exists on the original rig as well. There isn't much I can do about that.

Besides that, I decided to upscale all of the puppetry props. They were rather unusable as small props, so I thought you guys would get more mileage out of them if they were human-sized. You can always scale them back down if you need something smaller.

Props: Most of the props featured in the SFM release of the Puppet Fortress set. Excluded props were removed for technical reasons. Props excluded will be listed at the bottom.

Weapons: The weapons featured in the set.
-c_medic_puppet_cross: "Controller's Crux"
-c_medic_wood_dart_rifle: "Lancer"
-c_medigun_puppet: "Limewood Leg-Up"

Ragdolls: Ragdolls featured in the set.
-ch_marionette_gmod: A blank marionette

Exclusions: For technical or usability reasons, these props were not included.

-The TF2 marionettes use the same rigs as their respective TF2 classes. Any bugs you encounter with their rigs probably exist on the default rigs.

-The blank marionette is a bit floppier than your average ragdoll. This is due to his 180 degree ball joints.

-There are plenty of unlisted bodygroups available for the stage and all of the marionettes. You can turn off every cosmetic on the marionettes, and you can disable the curtains on the stage.


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Well, after looking into it and doing a few searches, I can't tell you exactly what's happening. There is no reason why it shouldn't work. If the stock animations work, and the walking animation works with stock, then the walking animation should work with the marionettes.

I don't think it's something I can fix without making my own walking animation. That walking animation you are using isn't in TF2, is it? I found results that point to it being made in SFM using a script. That might be part of the issue.