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Hearts and Minds
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Nov 13, 2016 @ 3:03pm
Aug 21, 2017 @ 3:41am
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Hearts and Minds

Latest version: 1.8l
Visit the mod topic at Paradox Plaza![forum.paradoxplaza.com]

Hearts and Minds is a mod that aims to add more strategy and decision making to HOI4 by adding deeper choices to the leadership of your country and providing more choices through events. Leading your country to victory is a balancing act that can be a struggle to maintain!

The ultimate goal of the mod is to make the game fun and engaging at a constant speed 3. That means decisions to make at all times, not only every 70 days when a national focus is finally finished. I am trying to do this by adding lots of events that can help or hinder your progress, more like EU4, and a political system, using the ideologies, political power and national unity, that requires forward thinking to maintain.

  • English.
  • Russian, translated by Kulac the Greatest. Visit his mod site for other work![tbmods.ru]
  • German, translated by Finn Furwolf
  • There will be missing text in other languages! Translations welcome.

  • Not Ironman compatible.
  • Will not be fully compatible with New World Order or any mod that changes the idea groups in the country tab.
  • Edits several national focus trees in a minor way to improve the AI, so may conflict depending on which mod takes precedence.
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If anyone wants to continue this mod I'll suck your dick, please I'm desperate