Dota 2
Faceless Void's Heavy Crusher
Heroes: Faceless Void
Slots: Weapon
Tags: Other
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Jun 30, 2012 @ 9:42am
Aug 19, 2012 @ 12:23pm
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Update: 19/08/2012
• Mesh is bigger by 15%
• Textures: Color Map: Small improvements, sharpen edges, new "runes
Mask Maps are completely changed. Weapon is now a lot more shiny and brightness because of visibility on "dire" side.
Sent to Valve

Update: 06/07/2012
• Finished model sent to Valve. Thanks for all your positive or negative comments and help me improve this item to maximum quality.
I hope that Valve accept it. :)

Update 05/07/2012
/ • Due to your comments I made some adjusments: I replaced the spikes with larger ones and the handle was changed into more dark color with original Void's "ornament patterns" (you can find this texture on his shoulder and bracers).
• Model was rewraped and I also addressed some other issues
• Metal parts were reworked into more darker shades so it would correspond more with Void's original color. Now it fits his whole concept.

I was inspired by original W3 Dota. Maybe you remember the "old" Faceless Void and his "brutal" big wooden-iron Mace ( so I made similar one for Dota 2. This is my very first contribution into steam workshop and my specialization is textures. If there is something wrong with model, please be patient, I will be updating frequently.

Well I hope you like it :)