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Madness Combat models pack
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Oct 31, 2016 @ 1:02pm
Jun 22 @ 9:23am
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Madness Combat models pack

This pack include Grunt, Agent, ATPengineer, ATPSoldier Hank, MAGHank, Sanford, Deimos, MAG Torture, 3 variations of Zombie(different outfits and heads), and a few weapon models.

Patreon, if you want to support me

Old IK-rig should work fine, but here the link again
Download this .py file into \steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\scripts\sfm\animset

Credits for awesome "Agent & ATP Engineer from Madness Combat" poster to

Update 26.02.17
Hope this crap works. It`s really small update, just to check if updating addons working.
Fixed ATPEngineer`s model - piece of bandage on his back now not jiggling like crazy.
Added Agent "elite" version(it has a skin for white suit) and glowing glasses for him.

Update 31.05.17
New models - MAG Hank, MAG Agent(defenetly will remake him in the future, since he was made in a big hurry), and a Halbert. Nothing much to say about this update, all of this was used in my recent video, so you can now.
Oh, and I removed "Part 1" thing in the title. Looks like updating addons work fine, so anything new in the future will be added to this item.

Update 12.08.18
Updated models and textures - Grunt(2 outfits, check bodygroups), Agent, Zombie.
New models - Sanford, Deimos
New item models - Hook

UPDATE - 27.03.21
-New character models from my latest animation: Hank, ATP Soldat, MAG Torture.
-New weapon models: Machete, Axe, MP5, UZI, Defender, Shotgun, Torture Shotgun.
-Fixed one faceflex in Sanford model, now "Tired Glasses" slider actually works.
-New bodygroup for Grunt - hoody in "coat" group.
-Updated mask model for ATP Engineer(you can't believe how messy the vertices were before).

UPDATE - 19.06.21
-New models - Tricky, Classic Tricky, Trucky-Grunt, Shadow Tricky.
-New weapon model - TrickyG3 Street Sign
-Fixed MAG Torture's bodygroup "Nails", so they actually disappear now.

FIX - 22.06.21
-Fixed Tricky's mask, so the holes actually look like holes.
Big thanks to EbilBorf for finding and reporting this bug!
-As a bonus, I found old model "Grunt AwesomeFace". Not completely restored, it's missing some normal maps, but it seems they were lost for good. The model looks awfull, compere to new ones, but there was someone asking for it, so here you go.
-Deleted G2 models. For some reason they just don't work with SFM, even thought they work in Gmod. A witchcraft, I tell you! Maybe one day I'll fix it, but for now - sorry for inconvenience.

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