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S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks
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Sep 30, 2016 @ 3:24am
Aug 21 @ 11:14pm
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S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks

In 1 collection by ShaZZa
[AU] SBS Cluster
8 items
A realistic size of stacks.
A re-upload of my previous mod that is now updated.


For stack sizes check the pictures or Discussion page. (nothing over 1000)
Now includes Scorched Earth items.
Now includes ammo.
Now includes Aberration items.
Now includes Extinction items.
Now includes Genesis items.
Now includes Crystalisle item.
Now includes Genesis 2 items.

If you like the mod show your support an hit that thumbs up button.

This is a work in progress so some things may not work correctly. Use at your own risk.

Best used on a fresh start.
NOTE: If used on an already started save you may need to re-build items / re-learn engrams for some stuff to function properly. (eg - campfire, M+P, grill, chembench)

Key Features -

No weight reduction (apart from Crystal, Obsidian,Veggie cake and Horn which is half normal weight)
No remapped structures. (The standing and wall torch have been fully replaced)
Removed meat cool-down
Element / Element shards can be transfered via obelisk
Crops grow up to 1500 in plots

Single player / Non dedicated / Server compatible
Only incorperates new items gathered after installing for stack sizes to become active.
If the mod is removed so to will the items.

Should be safe to stack in any order providing a mod above it doesn\'t change the items I have or you may run into problems.

If you wish to advertise your server running this mod please post here - Servers running this mod

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Feb 8, 2019 @ 4:54am
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ShaZZa  [author] Sep 7 @ 7:24pm 
@ VenomsJustBetter - I say it's another mod your using. Just tested an working fine.
Also with how you've worded that it sounds like your using the hunted mod, which doesn't like stack mods because they have their own resource sizes.
VenomsJustBetter Sep 7 @ 11:38am 
IDK if its this mod but I cant smelt metal in s+ furnace or cook normal meat. I know stackable mods have had trouble with this stuff in the past, but i cant do anything with this installed
ShaZZa  [author] Jul 27 @ 4:55am 
@ All - Updated picture stacks and discussion page to reflect current stack sizes.
Fluffy MasterGrumpy Jul 25 @ 3:37am 
Thanks for update ♥
Sticker128 Jul 23 @ 6:14pm 
wow i didnt even thought about that thx :)

ShaZZa  [author] Jul 23 @ 6:03pm 
@ Sticker128 - NOTE: If used on an already started save you may need to re-build items / re-learn engrams for some stuff to function properly. (eg - campfire, M+P, grill, chembench)
Sticker128 Jul 23 @ 6:01pm 
hi i have a question, if i install the mod i cant craft anything in the mortar and pestle, does someone else have the same problem?
Fluffy MasterGrumpy Jul 22 @ 10:59am 
@ShaZZa thanks for ur time and thanks for ur work! All (i think) we wanted, was the update u gave :) THANKS!
ShaZZa  [author] Jul 21 @ 2:56am 
@ ALL - I have had to rebuild part of this mod (from ~ver 4.2).
I will hopefully have a release soon.
(This may or may not fix the stryder bug with dedicated, I haven't looked into that yet.)
Fluffy MasterGrumpy Jul 20 @ 4:22am 
@ShazZZa: Is there any news of progress? Thanks :)