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Imperial Routine
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Sep 27, 2016 @ 4:55pm
May 12, 2020 @ 8:13am
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Imperial Routine


This mod was designed to extend some management and political layers of the game.

The full development log and background could be found here:

  • System management screen
  • System leaders (now it's possible to assign any governor, scientist, admiral or general to any owned system) with system-wide effects on planets
  • Manageable sector shapes (ability to add/remove systems to/from any sector)
  • Differences between sector types
  • Flexible mod options

Organize your country with new flexible sectors! Now you have a restored ability to control sector shape and manage every system manually. This allows you to add or remove systems to/from any chosen sector.

Sector radius has also been increased to 7 hyperjumps to fit the needs of your growing empire and to provide better optimality of your territorial decisions.

Each sector type now has its unique characteristics. The core sector is the oldest one – the most stable and prosperous, the usual sector is a new place for new growth and opportunities. Frontier is far from the heavy foot of government but it also makes this place ideal for criminals and smugglers.

Note: It's better to delete all existing non-core sectors and create new ones to avoid any potential issues.

The new system interface gathers all necessary information about the entire system and system objects: demographic situation, administrative, commercial and military info, etc.

It also provides additional control to define system position relatively any neighbor sector. For now, this is a good platform for further expansions.

Assign any leader to any owned system! Ensure that your core worlds are efficient and well-managed, even on the local level. Now you're able to assign not only the governors but admirals, scientists, generals to the entire systems. Their presence will provide a bunch of effects on all inhabited system planets, depending on leader type, traits and skills.

Those leaders will operate directly from the system starbase. So they are physically vulnerable to any hostile actions. However, they could be pretty helpful to organize a system defense during the wars.

There are also some new traits for system leaders to enhance their possibilities.

As I'm going to expand my mod with new features, I'd like to keep it flexible for players allowing them to switch on/off some specific mod components. To open the configuration window, just type in console: event irm.91.

I always try to build my mods separating their stuff from vanilla, preferring to make additional gameplay layers over the existing game. To not interfere with original content and to keep as minimal overrides as I could. So, due to the limited changes, IRM seems to be compatible with almost 99% of existing mods.
  • common/sector_types/00_core.txt (non-critical)
  • common/sector_types/01_other.txt (non-critical)

The new launcher seems a bit weird, showing some wrong information about the actual state of the mods. To fix this, just delete ..\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mods_registry.json and refresh the launcher.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you like this mod. And I hope the next update will be dedicated to some new and cool sector features like sector management, military fleets, armies, etc. All this modding stuff requires a lot of time, so I'll be very grateful for any support and donation, this could significantly boost my morale and speed of development!

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TurtleShroom 4 hours ago 
As of V2.8, this Mod no longer works. Every planet colonized creates a single Sector that can only be expanded by this Mod. Furthermore, you cannot create new Sectors through the normal means. The AI can no longer manage Sectors/
Sentry Ward Jan 13 @ 11:19am 
P.S. Guili's additional techs helping a lot with lack of viable research. Gains tiny, but you still can use them
Sentry Ward Jan 13 @ 11:17am 
Yeah, also it's hard in mid/late game without shipyards. Probably, it can be fixed with few hacks:
* Unique habitat with some pop slots and unique buildings. You will be able to get pops => gene engineering/shord/synthetic evolution is available for you, same with slave trading and raiding stance. Also you can use you pop growth as helping hand in population you allies if you have migration push +99999%
* Option to build gateways inside federation space
* Option to "rent" or steal outpost, so you can get L-Gate or any another special system. But I dunno about planets - you can't have planets, hmmm
* Lock Origin in Megacorp. There is no reason to have any government outside of megacorp
* Custom traditions
* Remove whole lot of base techs
* If you'll go by way of unique havitat, then you can lock +ship building speed or +shipyard on system in buildings. Which you can build and progress via techs
1yur  [author] Jan 12 @ 5:46pm 
@ Sentry Ward

Thank you for this detailed reports! Will add them to the issue list, will back to FO after IRM update.
Sentry Ward Jan 12 @ 5:03pm 
Also found few bugs:
* Give system when in war will cause bug when you have two systems, probably cuz you can't dismantle outposts when in war
* Any Special Project didn't work: from research new contact to precursor secrets
* Getting Mind over Matter ascension perk didn't give my species Latent Psionic trait
* You are immune to Marauders: they will not attack you cuz you didn't have planets
Sentry Ward Jan 12 @ 3:33pm 
About FO:
* I got planet by using magic weapon on primitives (assault them)
* It's sad I can't ask Subsidiary Status on Equal
* It's sad I can't form Research Agreement with starting subjects
* It's sad I can't rent Archeological Site - two precursors in out
* It's sad I forced to use Authoritarian. I wanna be fanatic militaris/spiritualist! Maximum inquisition!
* It's not ideal I can't decide which dude got my system after I transfer mine Space Station
* I'm not sure, but does federation fleet is capped with this mod? Would be fun, if you can't build anything except Federation Fleet, and you have locked with Succession Type: Strongest + Succession Term: Status Change laws. So if you lose all federation fleet, you'll lose game

In overall, it's fun. Played two mods with fleet-only before, pre federation. With Federation is much better :]
Sentry Ward Jan 12 @ 3:33pm 
P.S. It's also annoying that you often can have three Megacorp: one copy of your empire(which is sad) and another is random spawned. May be do not copy yourself? Add your start specie in some Fallen Empire / Caretaker / special planet, so you'll not purget but still can use preselected race?
Guilliman Jan 9 @ 5:01pm 
any chance for update?
1yur  [author] Jan 6 @ 6:50pm 
@ Toast
Yep. Want to release an update for IR at first. After taht I'll fix the issues with FO and separate it into the stand alone mod.
Toast Jan 6 @ 6:44pm 
@1yur Do you have any plans to move Fleet Overlords to its own mod, or is it staying part of Modjam?