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Hazar-Kot Valley
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Hazar-Kot Valley

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MCN Hazar-Kot Valley

The map is centered around an inner and an out valley, the outer one is desert, with a small village and a few compounds, as well as an abandoned mine. These settlements are meant to be run-down and rather abandoned due to the remote location of the area and the fact that the mining operation failed.

The inner valley however is very rocky and has dense vegetation, mostly in the form of bushes, but also a few scattered trees. Within the valley there are a few settlements, mostly living off goat-herding etc. I'd imagine.

There is also snow. Since the entire area is over 2000 metres above sea-level, it gets rather cold, especially during the nights. Therefore there's patches of snow here and there in the inner valley, some areas are snowier than others. No snow in the outer valley and it's deserts though.

The easternmost valley (Bakshari Valley) is just meant as a backdrop when fighting on the high ridges, and is therefore a lot less detailed than the rest of the map.

Please note that most names of mountains, villages etc. are fictional or real-world names in other regions, this addon isn't meant to recreate a specific area accurately, but takes inspiration from many places.