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Jun 27, 2023 @ 2:14pm
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This mod adds several fish-related resources, buildings and activities. See the forum thread for content/changelog. https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=13172.msg133445#msg133445


There is so much water in this world and you always dreamt to eat a fresh grilled fish! Here it comes, the Fish Industry debarks in Rimworld!


- Fishing zone: designate a zone where your fishers can fish. Waters can be dangerous if tailteeths live in this biome.
- Fishing pier: simple building built on water. Allow your hunters to catch safely some fishes. Use corn or rice to fasten fish catch!
- Aquaculture basin: advanced building used to breed some aquatic species. Expensive renewable source of meat. Is unlocked by "Aquaculture" research after "Hydroponics".
- New recipes at the campfire (to cook a grilled fish simple meal).
- Oyster as joy food.
- New meditative joy activity on fishing pier (watching shiny water).

Important notes

- Fishing is a hunting job. The jobs' priorities are defined as follow: hunting > operating aquaculture basin > fishing at fishing pier.
- You can stop fishing activities by forbidding the pier or aquaculture basin.
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Comrade Corwin
Zee 3 hours ago 
Not working for me. Gives an error and I can't place it. Possible it's a mod conflict, I didn't try it solo.
HighMonsterMutt Jun 13 @ 8:01pm 
Anyone know if it works with 1.5 w/o being updated?
Hope author comes back if not to update, really love this mod as well
Nana to Many Monsters Apr 25 @ 9:34pm 
I love this mod. I hope it's updated soon.
shadowlord1295 Apr 21 @ 4:19am 
is this still being updated?
PurpleJeet Apr 13 @ 1:10pm 
@uton If you have a mod like "Some Things Float", then that might be the cause.
Uton Apr 3 @ 1:26pm 
I can't build the fishing pier at a river because the wood seems to keep floating away. Even my best builder is not fast enough to finish building it...

Does anyone else have this problem?!
Legonian Oct 5, 2023 @ 7:04am 
How fast does the fish stock replenishes? Just download this one to give it a try because I liked the idea of aquaculture, but whatever I set up a fishing zone the fish stock remains at zero and the pier went to zero after a single catch. Couple of in-game days later and it´s still zero...
FaPaThY Oct 2, 2023 @ 5:59pm 
After testing all day, I figured out that this mod, conflicting with some other mod in my list, was causing animals in my game to stop breeding normally and birds to stop producing eggs.

This is just a heads up in case if anyone else sees a similar problem in their game. I'm using too many mods to post a log or help with troubleshooting.
Rikiki  [author] Aug 2, 2023 @ 8:12am 
@™Antaries Cz ツ: It is a known incompatibility mod bug.
™Antaries Cz ツ Aug 2, 2023 @ 1:46am 
is it intended that butchering fishes drops clothes? its making quite a mess, ass my tailor or haulers cant keep up disasembling/burning it