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With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality (beds, tables etc) will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it.

If you know Skilledbuilder, you know that QualityBuilder do the same thing?!

Why use QualityBuilder if there is already a mod that makes this?

With QualityBuilder you are able to set a minimum quality you want on a Object you want to build.
Tired of placing, deconstructing and replacing 100 of beds just to get some decent ones? This has an end now! You can set the minimum quality you want to get from you selected objects.

If the finished object does not met your minimum quality requirements, it will get deconstructed and replaced in same position and same stuff.

- In the Architect->Order menu you have 2 new designators to set or unset if only the best constructor should build. The Set button also have a right click menu.

- If you select one or more things that have quality, you see a toggle command with. Do a right click on it to get the floatmenu for setting your minimum quality for these objects you want to get.

This mod is save compatible.

For more Information, see my Modlist[ludeon.com] in the offical Forum

QualityBuilder is the descendant of Skilledbuilder with some nice addtions.
Thanks and credits to shadwar[ludeon.com] for Skilledbuilder and the inpiration, after i updated it for A14 and A15, to make QualityBuilder.
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MeatBeatMarv 2 hours ago 
Any chance you could make the "Set QualityBuilderer" option under the orders tab work on buildings that are already finished? Would save the trouble of having to deconstruct every bed/dresser/etc in your colony and placing new blueprints.

Also A+ mod.
MythN7 Nov 11 @ 11:17am 
loving this mod, could you also try to add the thing bills have, where you can pick a min skill level or a specific pawn that can ONLY work on one?
菜,就听教 Nov 2 @ 8:06am 
Can we add a function to let forging and assembly that affect product quality be made according to skill level by default?
B1rdater Oct 29 @ 2:17am 
one of my favorite mods
dereferenced null pointer Oct 7 @ 11:25am 
Why is your stuff released under CC-BY-SA?
Last paragraph.
The entire paragraph.

Also why no source code on binary for harmony?
Carcigenicate Oct 3 @ 4:07pm 
@Demonlord09 That seems to be due to the level override option. They don't automatically deconstruct if they're above the override level in the settings.
Demonlord09 Sep 26 @ 2:30pm 
Doesn't work half the time. The latest instance of it not working is when trying to build beds.
Set it to Good Quality>Build bed>Bed is Poor quality but doesn't get the automatic deconstruct and try again job assigned to it. What broke? The mod worked perfectly up until maybe a month ago.
Lexa486 Sep 19 @ 6:55am 
The quality builder blueprints reset after each loaded save... :-(
Seipherwood Sep 14 @ 5:36pm 
Would it be possible to have this set a Maximum Quality? Bloating my Colony Wealth with a bunch of HQ stuff that would work just fine at poor quality :steamsad:
Hu Flung Dung Sep 10 @ 3:55am 
Look at this: https://imgur.com/a/BLOEyrr
This is called English. If anyone else is shocked that such a popular and well made mod has such lazy, ugly and inexcusably pathetic UI text you can change it by going into the mods language folder and changing the following in the xml file.

<QualityBuilderOn.Label>Set Quality</QualityBuilderOn.Label>