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Aug 29, 2016 @ 3:37pm
Oct 22, 2022 @ 6:17pm
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With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality (beds, tables etc) will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it.

If you know Skilledbuilder, you know that QualityBuilder do the same thing?!

Why use QualityBuilder if there is already a mod that makes this?

With QualityBuilder you are able to set a minimum quality you want on a Object you want to build.
Tired of placing, deconstructing and replacing 100 of beds just to get some decent ones? This has an end now! You can set the minimum quality you want to get from you selected objects.

If the finished object does not met your minimum quality requirements, it will get deconstructed and replaced in same position and same stuff.

- In the Architect->Order menu you have 2 new designators to set or unset if only the best constructor should build. The Set button also have a right click menu.

- If you select one or more things that have quality, you see a toggle command with. Do a right click on it to get the floatmenu for setting your minimum quality for these objects you want to get.

This mod is save compatible.

For more Information, see my Modlist[ludeon.com] in the offical Forum

QualityBuilder is the descendant of Skilledbuilder with some nice addtions.
Thanks and credits to shadwar[ludeon.com] for Skilledbuilder and the inpiration, after i updated it for A14 and A15, to make QualityBuilder.
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Calypso Nate
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Sasha Pines (no brain) Feb 5 @ 1:55am 
this mod is very painful to use when you have alot of builder duo to the fact it only use the person have the highest skill
Le Carribours Jan 30 @ 7:14pm 
Great Mod used it for years ! Small Problem. Maybe a mod conflict. But my Constructoids used to leave my furnitures alone. Now they create poor quality ones and leave my furnitures unmarked by Quality Builder while my great Human Builders are busy elsewhere. Did that happen to anybody ? Thanks !
Maxnorthman Jan 28 @ 11:59pm 
It would be great if the ability to upgrade furniture to a higher level was added. Let it be longer in time than construction and cost resources and required an increased construction skill.
Solii Jan 10 @ 1:08am 
Seems like furnitures, etc. ones that have certain styles(like totemic, spike, etc) doesn't get applied when they're set to rebuild on 1.4
ilyvion Jan 9 @ 12:33am 
I see the author isn't currently active here, but I'll provide a report anyway:

It seems to me that each time I load my game, any item that has a QualityBuilder setting on it gets unforbidden if it were forbidden at save time. I assume it's an issue with QB since non-QB forbidden blueprints remain forbidden on load.
garfu Jan 7 @ 1:21pm 
Nevermind again. I removed CQR and it's still messed up, oh well.
garfu Jan 7 @ 12:55pm 
Welp don't mind me I figured it out. It was an interaction with Crafting Quality Rebalanced.
garfu Jan 7 @ 12:38pm 
Further testing: This is definitely a QB conflict issue. If I turn QB off then force build with a lower level pawn, they gain skill, even if I turn QB back on in the middle of building. The deconstruction functions normally but then if they start to build again with QB on from the start they gain no skill. Very weird.
garfu Jan 7 @ 12:35pm 
I'm having an issue where ONLY my highest construction skilled pawn gains skill when constructing someone with QB on. Other pawns still try to construct the thing, and if they do, they get no skill during construction and they don't properly breakdown and rebuild. The highest construction pawn still functions as expected. This happens with and without setting the specific pawn in QB options, which seems to also have no effect. It's like a mod conflict but figured I'd post and see if anyone else is having this issue.
batman_is_St0pid Dec 21, 2022 @ 11:49am 
learn to spell