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Aug 29, 2016 @ 3:37pm
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With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality (beds, tables etc) will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it.

If you know Skilledbuilder, you know that QualityBuilder do the same thing?!

Why use QualityBuilder if there is already a mod that makes this?

With QualityBuilder you are able to set a minimum quality you want on a Object you want to build.
Tired of placing, deconstructing and replacing 100 of beds just to get some decent ones? This has an end now! You can set the minimum quality you want to get from you selected objects.

If the finished object does not met your minimum quality requirements, it will get deconstructed and replaced in same position and same stuff.

- In the Architect->Order menu you have 2 new designators to set or unset if only the best constructor should build. The Set button also have a right click menu.

- If you select one or more things that have quality, you see a toggle command with. Do a right click on it to get the floatmenu for setting your minimum quality for these objects you want to get.

This mod is save compatible.

For more Information, see my Modlist[ludeon.com] in the offical Forum

QualityBuilder is the descendant of Skilledbuilder with some nice addtions.
Thanks and credits to shadwar[ludeon.com] for Skilledbuilder and the inpiration, after i updated it for A14 and A15, to make QualityBuilder.
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Calypso Nate
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Litcube Nov 21 @ 7:56pm 
Yup, noticed the snowman errors.
SkeleMann Nov 21 @ 9:03am 
Causes errors with snowmen (and sandcastles if you got that mod with the same behaviour just different model and on sand) apparently
Might also be worth adding the the HQ texture mod to the base mod
AdvancedGamer Nov 14 @ 1:00pm 
With quality builder activated I have the problems that my colonist did not build furniture or especially beds or things like that.
The chairs and tables, production stations and walls are no problem.
I deactivated the mod and after I load the save my pawns straight went to construct the furniture they wont start before
Litcube Nov 3 @ 3:37am 
Have the 2 architect designators been removed from this mod?
Ben Lubar Oct 23 @ 11:29am 
Would it be possible to make it keep the ThingStyleDef of the blueprint when replacing after it auto-deconstructs? Normally, this wouldn't matter, but with https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2632344770 it results in problems because the style comes from the blueprint rather than being overridden by the builder.
Daveroski Oct 18 @ 1:36am 
This mod has a pawn make the same item of furniture over an over again until it reaches a set quality level. The mod's main function.
It also makes it so that only builders from a certain level can complete artisan furniture.

Pawn Rules will only allow specified builders to complete artisan furniture. It will be completed to the usually crappy level set by the game.
No rebuild.

Very different.


Mst Oct 15 @ 10:36am 
Can I disable it mid playthrough? The stutters whenever I select any furniture piece are unbarable
Viper Oct 12 @ 7:51am 
For anyone looking for this type of convenience: "Pawn Rules" mod can also give this same functionality, even better in some ways actually, although it is also a bit comprehensive with regards to other things it does like handling food policies and the UI is a bit difficult to understand at first glance.

Once you spend a short time with Pawn Rules, and you "get it", you'll never go back though. Highly recommend Pawn Rules as an alternative to this partially malfunctioning mod.
Litcube Oct 4 @ 10:23pm 
The two new designators aren't showing in my game.