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R.E.D. WWII Edition Revived
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R.E.D. WWII Edition Revived

RED WWII is back and better than ever!
What is RED WWII?
RED WWII is a total conversion wargame based in World War II. It changes many features of Civilization V to create fun WWII strategy.

-Front Lines: Units can capture enemy tiles
-Supply Lines & Reinforcements: Units have to have a direct line to a city to heal.
-Scripted Events: Historical Events like Fall of Poland or the Fall of France are scripted in this mod.
-Alternate History: See the discussion "Complete Alternate History"
-Land, Air, and Sea Warfare!
-Supply Convoys
-Military Operations and Military Designs! New units are designed in this mod and military operations like Operation Torch can be launched by the player.
-National Units: Every nation has dozens of units unique to them, including tanks, planes, and ships.
-New Art: Special RED WWII Art from icons to unit models are part of this mod.

How to Play
1. Subscribe to this mod and to the RED WWII Data Files RV mod
2. Open Civ5
3. Disable ALL DLCs and expansions for Civ 5 under "DLC" EXCEPT Genghis Khan Mongolia
4. Open the mods menu. Disable all other mods, then enable these two.
5. Hit next
6. Enjoy!

See the pinned discussion "Updates" for more information.

What's Next?
See the pinned discussion "What's Upcoming" for more information.

Alternate Installation
1. Download both the core mod and the data files mod from the links below.
2. Move both files (note they are zip files) to your desktop or somewhere empty besides downloads folder.
3. Unzip each file. Note that new folders are created
4. Move these folders to Documents-->My Games-->Sid Meier's Civilization 5-->MODS

New Soundtracks
The following links are mods that introudce a German and Soviet soundtrack that covers war and peactime.
Set them into the MODS folder.
Link for German Soundtrack:
Link for Russian Soundtrack:

Recommended Specs
8 GB of RAM, a mid range processor, and a mid range graphics card.

This mod is NOT capable with Mac computers or Mac operating systems. Sorry, Windows only.
Windows 7 through 10 are compatible.
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Sep 21 @ 6:47am
It would be cool to see a WW1 version of this mod.
< >
Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi Nov 3 @ 7:38pm 
WOW! Thx to the developers! That's so much better than before! And even the discriptions are mostly available in german! That's awsome!
Loading... Oct 10 @ 2:08am 
i havent gotten far enough into the japanese campaign, but if there arent newer cruisers or destroyers to research, i recommend adding some of them in too (shimakaze or akizuki classes or something)
Loading... Oct 10 @ 1:13am 
talking about the 1936 earth map in my last comment
Loading... Oct 9 @ 4:19pm 
if any authors come back to the mod, id really appreciate an expansion on the Japanese Navy. The famous Yamato class battleships were constructed by 1940 (meanwhile sovetsky soyuz is in the game but it was never constructed.. dont take them out, soviets can use the help). finally, please please please fix the aircraft carrier bugs.. its a game changer and a massive part of wwii (hosho, hiyo, ryujo, shoho, shokaku, etc/ american and british counterparts)
Peter Sep 30 @ 11:34pm 
I can also help testing as I love this mod
el_queso_grande Sep 29 @ 9:52pm 
@Wodan II: if there's a mostly working version of the barbarossa and poland scenario files i'd be happy to set them up on my copy to help test!
StarfoxU Sep 18 @ 1:27pm 
@Urzahil I would be willing to test for bugs and help you make a WW1 version of the mod.
g_e_r_y Sep 16 @ 3:07am 
i played 3 complete campaigns with hitler - had no bugs ... everything worked fine except that deity was too easy ... poor allies :)
StarfoxU Sep 14 @ 9:55am 
Have you ever considered making a WW1 version?
Peter Sep 9 @ 5:10am 
@Urzahil: for testing and giving feedback, just count me in. I can´t do code but I am happy to share my time for testing and giving feedback