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Tony Hawk Underground 2 MegaPack
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Aug 22, 2016 @ 6:39pm
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Tony Hawk Underground 2 MegaPack

As some know the Tony Hawk games actually got me my start in modding. It's also one of my favorite game series and for awhile I thought the community died out. To my surprise I was introduced to a mod called THUGPRO. The mod grabs levels from all around the tony hawk series and puts them into the Underground 2 engine. The dev team have gone as far as to even update the game to run on Windows 10 and even Linux. The mod also has a fully functioning ONLINE multiplayer with a community standing behind it.

This mod is to pay my respects to my roots and to help out the tony hawk community by adding some new faces or just to spread awareness of this project. Even if your not a fan It would mean a lot to me if those reading this could just pass the message around, that's all.

Honestly it makes me happy to see a team keep my childhood alive and make even better then ever.

Thank you for your time. I Hope you all enjoy,

* 114 Character models all rigged onto valvebiped skeletons
* Pro Skaters, Eric Sparrow, and Weeman have face flexes and eyetracking
* 338 Create-A-Park models
* 32 Props (skateboard, handhelds, cosmetics, logos, ect.)
* certain models do have bodygroups and skingroups

To download and find out more about this great mod visit the following link

To become part of the community and grab some spiffy mods and downloads visit the following
http://thps. tk/

Other Versions Include:


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