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Version: 1.0
Location: Central Russia
Type of the landscape: rural
Map size: 20x20 km (400 km^2)
Number of 3d-objects: ~1,5 million
Number of settlements: > 50
Suitable for: individual, squad, platoon or company simulation

Addons requiered: CUP Terrains - core,

Описание на русском языке -


I. Map's description.

1. Geography.

Beketov district is a part of Uisk region. Beketov urban-type settlement is located 75km away from Uisk and 340 km to the East from the Moscow.

2. History.

Sobakino village of Uisk province is mentioned in documents since the second half of XVII century. It belonged to Dergunov-Sobakins landlords. In the middle of XIX century, the village became the state-owned property and acquired the status of a district center. In 1935 the village of Sobakino was renamed in Beketov urban-type settlement. It was named after one of the activists of Uisk Bolsheviks party. A few of collective farms (kolhozes) were formed right away in that new Beketov district.

3. Population.

Population — 10255 citizens (according to 2010 population census). Of these, the urban population - 5428 people, villagers — 4827 people. The ethnic composition of population — 95% Russians, 4% Tatars, 1% — else.

4. Economy.

The economy of the district is mostly formed of agriculture, forestry and service sectors. The largest enterprise — Beketov "chapelnik" factory which is on the brink of bankruptcy since 1993. There are also operating a few open joint stock companies (OJSC) «Krasnoselskiy elevator», «Studenetsky distillery» and private enterprise of Kevorkyan S. G.

Culture, education and health service.

The cultural objects are represented by «Vperyod!» ("Forward!") cinema theater (Beketov urban-type settlement), the house of culture of Krasnye seltsy village and lots of churches. There are Cathedral In the Name of Entry into Jerusalem (Beketov urban-type settlement), Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Krasnye Seltsy village), Church of All Saints (Karavayky village) among them. Also, there is a ruined Armanihinsk church there (Armaniha village) and Dergunov-Sobakins farmstead which is preserved to our days.

Educational institutions are represented by 11 schools and 1 professional lyceum. There are 5 libraries, 11 smaller health centers, and Beketov Central Hospital.

II. Authors and credits

Authors: Dead_Kennedy, SenChi (landscape, forest, most of Beketov urban-type settlement).

Gratitudes: The author is grateful to everyone who helped to create the island - 3D-objects artists, technical problems solutions assistants: Mikebart, das Camper, argument, Shelestov, udaloy, Yanot, Dock, Bar0n and other good people.

III. Known bugs and shortcomings

- Geometry problems with road police post building (vtn_bdg_post_md), postal office building (vtn_bdg_postoffice).
- No moon at night.
- River fords are marked as roads on the map (left as is for the testing purpose).


- The necessity to change the color of river water to green-brown.
- The sound of the rain does not work.
- AI units still have some problems with crossing of some bridges.
- The necessity of cemeteries.

Additional 3D-objects needed.

- Standart building of a common village house of culture.
- Standart school building of bricks or concrete panels.
- New administration building with an interior.
- New building of road police post.
- Tombstones, flower beds and fences for the cemetery.

The author would gladly accept any help in fixing those shortcomings. Also, I'm looking for a person who would shoot a nice promotional video for the Beketov map.



NEW: Concrete airstrip on the West.
NEW: Many inprovements and details in every settlement around the whole map.
NEW: Many groups of several trees and shrubs around the whole map to provide a better hideout for the infantry.
NEW: Many new field roads.
NEW: A dozen of farms, general stores, storages and other non-residental structures around the map.
NEW: Several natural POIs and viewpoints around the map.
NEW: Some loading texts.
CHANGED (test): Birch trees has been replaced to birches from the ACR DLC.
CHANGED: More detailed landscape texture (the satmap).
CHANGED: More streetlights around the whole map.
FIXED: Wooden fences now crashes properly.
FIXED: A "WorldSize" parameter in the config now returns the real size of the map.
FIXED: Most of minor bugs that caused unwanted entries in the arma3.rpt
FIXED: Many minor bugs with buildings, trees in the middle of the roads, etc.
FIXED: A factory2 building now causes no error at the mission start.
FIXED: More accurate placing of the village names on the map.



NEW: A penitentiary colony in Dubenki.
NEW: A dairy factory in Beketov.
NEW: Wheeled vehicles speed is now depends on the type of terrain.
NEW: A couple of new school buildings in Beketov.
FIXED: Some geometry issues around Beketov.
FIXED: Some geometry issues in the central industrial area near Kozlovo.
FIXED: Some geometry issues in Limonovo.
FIXED: Many roads around the map.

And some other minor fixes reported by the community.



FIXED: compatibility with dedicated servers (some missed bisigns added);
FIXED: some minor bugs reported by fingolfin, shurka and others;
FIXED: removed unnecessary dependency of the "CUP Terrains - Maps", only the "CUP Terrains - Core" is enough now.
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dead_kennedy  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:02pm 
Деревья в первую очередь хотелось бы поменять. А полиция из Dayz мне не нравится. Плюс, панеляков не добавили, многих других домов тоже. На самом деле, вообще не думаю, что получится отвязаться от CUP, это, скорее, чисто косметика.
МАШИНИСТ Jul 15 @ 10:27pm 
Возможно, я знаю что все объекты новые на карте взяты из DayZ Standalone. Тоже в нее активно играю. Добавили приличное количество новых зданий, многие подошли бы для зданий гос. учреждений в самом городе. Плюс добавлены поля с пшеницей, новые деревья.
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Ещё не известно, когда бисы откроют формат этого DLC, сейчас он зашифрован, и ничего оттуда взять нельзя.

Алсо, надо будет внимательно посмотреть, прежде чем заменять объекты на всей карте, не будет ли тормозов. Карта большая, интерьеры могут компы не потянуть.
МАШИНИСТ Jul 15 @ 2:36pm 
Карта отличная, но в новом ДЛС Контакт добавят новые играбельные дома и заводы. Будет ли замена объектов CUP на ванильные в августе?
dead_kennedy  [author] Feb 27 @ 10:50am 
Остановилась, потихоньку делаю новую карту. Как доделаю - возможно, сделаю апдейт Бекетова для унификации с объектами той карты.
LuckyShowTV Feb 27 @ 7:53am 
Здравствуйте. Работа над картой продолжается или остановилась?
dead_kennedy  [author] Feb 13 @ 2:57am 
По воркшопу посмотрите. Вроде, было что-то.
MCDyatel Feb 13 @ 1:51am 
Я имею в виду, есть ли с этой картой зевс?
dead_kennedy  [author] Feb 12 @ 7:47am 
Что под этим имеется в виду? Я не знаю, как работает Zeus.

Населенные пункты там в конфиге перечислены, ближайшие тоже указаны, скриптовыми командами они вынимаются, размер острова указан правильно (была в первой версии с этим проблема). Что еще для Zeus надо с т. з. карты - i dunno.
MCDyatel Feb 12 @ 4:29am 
Тут Zeus встроен?