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Rimsenal - Federation
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Rimsenal - Federation

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Once upon a time, located in the very core of the galaxy, there was a great and honorable interstellar empire, referred to as “The Federation.” The Federation Peacekeeper Corps was the guardian of the people, and upholding justice was their modus operandi. However, during the long and grim Mechanoid war, things have changed. Freedom and fairness have been trampled in the name of security, and oppression and tyranny both were justified in the name of order.

And, as a result, the long war against The Federation began.

Unused to turmoil that came from within, rather than the outside, The Federation was swiftly torn apart, their armies destroyed, and its government overturned. In a broad sense, its massive empire and its tyrannical army is nothing but yet another historical footnote.

However, on the isolated rimworlds, where news of The Federation's dissolution has yet to arrive, that otherwise long-forgotten name, and its merciless hounds mean a totally different thing...

The Rimsenal: Federation mod is designed to provide you with an unprecedented form of threat. New enemies are after your settlement. Although they are just the remnants of the broken interstellar empire, they still have power that enough to crush your settlement. No fear and no mercy, elite soldiers and advanced weapons of the federation are aiming you. Can you survive from them?

The peacekeepers: The Federation Peacekeeper Corps (FPC) is not your ordinary pirate scums. They have a lot of tools to ruin your days such as Bion peacekeepers, incubated creatures that born to kill, numerous conscripted troops and suicide bombers, and the “Federator” mech suit, armored walking disaster. You need to take a different approach to dealing with these highly organized forces.

The burning sword: Weapons of Federation Peacekeeper Corps, Arms Dynamics crucible weapons fire high heat projectiles instead of conventional bullets. Because of the self- incineration device fitted to the federation weapons, FPC weapons are can’t be salvaged in the usual way. Instead, you need to reproduce the FPC weapons with the materials from the remains of their weapons.

To slay the tyrants: FPC’s foerum armor plates are highly protective against common bullets, but are very vulnerable to blunt kinetic impact. You'd better remember this in order to deal with the powerful forces of the Peacekeeper Corps. There may be other means of dealing with them besides blunt weapons and explosives.

Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qse0LnAPK8R4wwtqdwv3BKXMP7yQe5nJI8uWvXbMuL8/edit?usp=sharing

Gear stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N-JVYu0ZfNso2T03vdDjuoGeFShITVVFFBLUkCd_B8I/edit?usp=sharing
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Dec 28, 2016 @ 6:31am
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Koro Dec 12 @ 6:39am 
Found a bug: If you use the Sleep skill of Bards (RimWorld of Magic) on a peacekeeper, he will just fall to the ground and never get up again.
< blank > Dec 8 @ 4:00am 
For some people asking where to get stuff or having trouble building stuff:
Scavenge items from federation raids or raid their base for the resources.
haydostwy Dec 6 @ 9:22am 
Hey just thought I would let you know that Rimsenal-Federation’s weapons are not working most of them won't shoot at anything unless it is right next to them.
Chris Brown Nov 30 @ 2:09pm 
How do I get crucible cores?
T.FOX Nov 7 @ 2:30pm 
How to get these cyborgs\synts? Craft? Buying? Need Hacking mechanoid mod?
"The" SeanMacLeod Oct 31 @ 9:33pm 
Yeah, ambulant war engines would be sweeeeeeet!
Deyrina Oct 31 @ 5:48am 
want a huge machine!
tracked chassis !
walkers !
SITAKIE Oct 29 @ 10:34pm 
치명적인 버그가 있습니다. 유독 페러데이션 팩션만 그런데.

키스퍼트(드론)들 이 드랍할때 "산지 & 두꺼운 지붕"에도 낙하하여 그냥 죽어버립니다. 죽는게 문제가 아니라 그냥 드랍포트 잔해와 시체도 남지안고 그냥 두꺼운 지붕만 남기며 그 으래있는 림 및 물건들은 그냥 같이 깔려 버리더군요.
Cerevox Oct 27 @ 8:47pm 
Am i just missing something or is there no way to produce foerum? You seem to be able to make everything else as long as you can get the foerum/cores to build the workshop, but I don't see any option to produce foerum.
destructomac Oct 27 @ 12:58am 
why does federation raid weapons disapear when you down or kill the raider?