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Temple of Dreams - 圣殿传说
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Jul 31, 2016 @ 8:29pm
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Temple of Dreams - 圣殿传说

Coop RPG Dungeon Crawler with Save and Load system.

Game Info:
● Recommended Players: 3-5, but Solo Play possible
● Game Length: You can save at any time and continue later
● Over 25 new Heroes with 6 or more new Spells plus Talent System and hundreds of new Items
● Language: English and Chinese
● Join this game's Chat to find players and arrange parties: Custom Games -> Temple of Dreams -> Join Chat
● Do you like PVP? Check out my other custom game:
● Website and Forums:

A strange curse lies on the World of Kel'thador, turning dreams into nightmares, spreading madness and violence across man and animal.
Because of this, a group of adventurers - once exiled from their home - returns to Kel'thador, seeking out the Temple of Dreams to find the source of the curse plagueing their once loved homeland...

● Physics & Timer System: BMD
● General help: Crew (BMD, Noya, Perry, Myll, DoctorGester, SinZ), thanks a lot guys!

Developer Support
If you want to support me you can find me on Patreon:
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M7 Apr 25 @ 7:52pm 
look Custom Games and Bot Scripts: Custom Game
And your map like, but why are there many online players do
Catze  [author] Apr 24 @ 5:54am 
runewords consist of 3 runepower parts. once you got 3, you get a bonus depending on the word you built. for example: FAH-SER-TIM = Phaser Time, which grants a spellpower bonus.
Reachf0rtheSky Apr 24 @ 2:56am 
Hey I got a immortal chestplate with the bonus +2 runepower : TAL . what does it mean excatly?
SnavouS Apr 17 @ 9:08am 
to show items again after the first game you can also just click watch a regular dota game, then leave right after it loads. easier than restarting imo.
Catze  [author] Apr 17 @ 6:57am 
restart dota to fix it.
Natsukashii Apr 15 @ 8:17pm 
bug cant see the items?
Catze  [author] Apr 14 @ 2:09pm 
fixed next update, ty
SnavouS Apr 14 @ 10:45am 
i don't know if it happens to anyone else, but playing alone just now i had times when the lightning or the fire announced the immortal or legendary item, only to never drop. was on 1500% diff
鼻涕泡饭 Apr 5 @ 4:12pm 
btw no one would waste their time on challenge mode, they wont get anything, why would anyone waste their time for nothing
鼻涕泡饭 Apr 5 @ 4:03pm 
The best time I had in this game is when my friend get our first legendary in 200% diff. But after few days we realized that there is so much diffrence compared to higher lvl players, and it will take a year for us to get all items and artifacts we need, so we decided to leech few games, and that's when I get bored, my friend leave this game for this reason. I say that because I just saw 2 new players leave again, I gotta say ive seen so many new players, but they always leave. And please tell me what is all those rare, common items for?