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EdB Prepare Carefully
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Jul 31, 2016 @ 10:26am
Jun 18 @ 10:52am
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EdB Prepare Carefully

Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled to build the starting group that you always wanted to try. Save your setup as a preset so that you can start your game the same way later.

Please see the original forum thread[ludeon.com] for more information. It may be a better place to look for help if you're running into trouble.

. F R E Q U E N T L Y . A S K E D . Q U E S T I O N S .

Where's the Beta 18 Version?
Working on it. If you're comfortable with manually installing the mod and want to help me test it out, it's available now: https://github.com/edbmods/EdBPrepareCarefully/releases/tag/v0.18.1 . Otherwise, you'll need to give it a little more time. I want to make sure that it's stable before I release it for real.

I'm still running Alpha 17. Will the Beta 18 release break my game when it comes out?
Prepare Carefully does not have any effect on your game once your colonists have landed and the scenario has started, so an upgrade to the Beta 18 version of the mod alone cannot break your saved Alpha 17 games.

Why doesn't the "Prepare Carefully" button appear for me?
First and foremost, make sure that you've enabled the mod! This will be obvious to experienced mod users, but if you're new to RimWorld mods, you need to go into the Mods menu when you start the game and explicitly enable a mod after you've subscribed to it.

Unfortunately, some mods just don't work well together, and you may have to experiment to find a combination that works.

When I click the Prepare Carefully button, I get an empty "Create Characters" page...or when I click on the colonist name tabs, it doesn't do anything, or...when the game starts, my colonists never show up or they just stand around and right-clicking to try to give them orders doesn't do anything. Why doesn't it work?
The majority of these types of issues happen because another mod is doing something that Prepare Carefully does not expect, and it causes an error. It's impossible for me to test with every mod out there, so issues like this are inevitable. However, I do try to continue to improve the error handling in the mod to try to avoid them.

You may need to experiment to figure out which mod is causing the problem. If you have the debug console enabled, you'll likely see some clues about where the error is happening. If you figure out which mod it is, you can let me know, and I'll try to take a look. If you're not sure how to track down errors like this, and you're interested in learning more, take a look at this guide for some pointers:

I'm using point limits. Why does {insert thing here} cost the number of points that it does? It should cost more/less.
The point system relies on the vanilla game's built-in "market values." These market values are balanced for vanilla gameplay and not for setting up a starting group of colonists. I've made some tweaks to try to balance this, but it really is an impossible task, and you will see things that seem wrong. For example, the vanilla values for colonists do not take passions or traits into account (for the most part). I've added costs for passions, but I've left traits alone.
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Drizzly 8 minutes ago 
Thanks for the hard work
Zaraelys 57 minutes ago 
Eagerly awaiting your steam update for B18. I dont play unless this is installed. Thank you for always updating it as fast as possible for so many releases!
elebuu 1 hour ago 
Oh, re: my last comment, for installing the B18 manually.
elebuu 1 hour ago 
I'm on the Mac version. How do I find the mods folder? I've tried Applications->Steam, rightclick, Show Package Contents, but I haven't actually found my folder.
Trace Projectile 1 hour ago 
Literally 10 pages of "update to A18" comments. Patience dudes.
The God Ghetto Holy 1 hour ago 
This is probably the only mod I feel is mandatory for Rimworld. I'm surprised it was never integrated as a game option! Happily awaiting A18 version so I can play Rimworld again =)
pinkamedic 1 hour ago 
need ze 18
Eiregard 3 hours ago 
Thank you for the making the mod and updating it so quickly, your awesome.
Ramie 4 hours ago 
EdB uploaded a temporary version of this mod on the RimWorld forums. It works fine until he can update this Steam version. There is a link from Kiame just a bit below this post for it.
Daniel 4 hours ago 
This mod is what I've tried to find for the last 2 hours...... Accidently removed it... Sad cause not B18. Definetly a required mod. Love it!