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Crash Landing
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Jul 23, 2016 @ 9:23pm
Oct 17, 2018 @ 11:16pm
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Crash Landing

Version: 12.01

This mod changes the game start. It adds a new event, that drop a different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel, and other useful and dangerous things. This event triggers at the start of the game, so your arrival will be much more similar to the movie crash landing. With the fire, explosions, dead and wounded people.

You will need to organize the rescue of wounded colonists and supplies. The fire will be your main enemy. It will start as small fires on the impact tiles, but quickly grow in major fire. Beat the small fires or evacuate supplies. Watch out for other dangers.

This mod tries to add a new gameplay, when you need to choose between resources and wounded peoples. And may be between wounded and maimed.

There are two new scenarios: Easy and Hard
In Easy scenario, you start with 3 healthy colonists. While some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.
In Hard scenario, your starting colonists and equipment will crash land and take severe damage. Then, some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.

Official forum page: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=8967.0

!!!--------- Important uninstall issue ---------!!!
Since you can create your own scenario by editing one of the crashlanding scenarios, you need to delete all such scenarios manually, before uninstalling the crashlanding. Otherwise the game fails to start any new game.
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Nov 23 @ 10:52pm
Can we get a toggle to turn off the later events?
Epic Store Exclusive
May 8 @ 7:26am
Version without fire?
Meat Vegetable
Apr 29 @ 11:13am
I got inspired so here's a short story about this scenario
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Dr Zhivago Nov 29 @ 3:15pm 

You're overwriting Vanilla base code. This causes issues with other mods that use Vanilla apparel abstract. An easy way to fix this is to use a custom abstract for your clothes.

<ThingDef Name="CL_ApparelBase" ParentName="ApparelBase" Abstract="True">

This will allow you to keep your modifications to your own clothes and be friendly with Vanilla and other mods. Please consider the changes.
Yoda Nov 27 @ 9:07am 
Thanks, and I really appreciate the quick reply.... I really love this mod. I brings much needed life to the game. And going through I think I see the issue. Random ship crash spawned the starting Cryosleep Block and it formed an error loop. Probably an issue with CE.... been lots of issues with CE as of late.
Katavrik  [author] Nov 27 @ 4:52am 
@Yoda. Its look like a bug with another mod incompatibility (may be another race). Critical error starts never ending loop. Load game before or start new game. Or edit save file if you know how.
Yoda Nov 26 @ 9:36pm 
And for those of you asking for this and that. Did you know the game has a Scenario Editor built right in? If you want to play Crash landing and don't want this and that in your game then you should really use that. To do this click New Game then Crash Landing... look at the lower left. Should say Scenario Editor with a Red X. Click that X to turn on editing of the Scenario. You can customize your own game. No programming skills needed. Hope this help!!
Yoda Nov 26 @ 9:26pm 
I am 20 days into a new new Colony and it is now raining Cryosleep Blocks. Thousands of them. It has been doing this for the past 2 game days. I have a home inside a mountain so they can't get to my people, but everything outside is destroyed. Should I expect this to stop eventually or is this a bug and I need to start over? There are no people in the crashing blocks. Just metal bits covering 80% of my map.
Katavrik  [author] Nov 26 @ 6:19pm 
@Bud. Then you can just start ordinary scenario with Crashlanding enabled.
Bud Nov 26 @ 5:30am 
it's more like i wanted to disable the start tbh
Katavrik  [author] Nov 25 @ 5:02am 
@Bud. Its more work to do. Publish two separate mods (there and on official forum), make cross reference, follow both forums, ... I'm too lazy about it.
Want to disable later events - find
find there def: <defName>RandomShipCrashIncident</defName>
inside find string: <baseChance>5.0</baseChance>
and change it to: <baseChance>0</baseChance>
Bud Nov 24 @ 11:34am 
@Katavrik would it be possible for you to simply seperate the events from this mod from the mandatory start, and post it as a seperate mod? i doubt it'd take long or be that difficult
Kaz the Mercenary Nov 23 @ 11:45pm 
@Katavrik - An answered question here and there can mean the world!

It's a great mod. One that other folks are happy to try to keep relevant.

I think by tying spawn rates to $$ we could probably nip most of the balance issues. Then, like you said, would need to blacklist some items/materials... like orbital milkshakes being pulled from the flames ^_~