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Pearl Converter
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Jul 23, 2016 @ 12:36pm
Aug 2, 2016 @ 12:43pm
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Pearl Converter

This MOD will not get any New updates! I lost the Datas and cannot restore them.. But the MOD should still work ;)

This Mod adds a new Structure called "Pearl Converter" and the also the Blueprint "Black Pearls".
In the Converter you can craft from 20 Silicia Pearls one Black Pearl.
To activate the Converter you need Sparkpowder.

Engram unlocks at Level 70

Crafting Costs:
-250 Stone
-150 Hide
-220 Metal
-300 Obsidian

-converts 20 Silicia Pearls into 1 Black Pearl

MOD ID: 730142272

This Mod is clean and stackable with other Mods, some got Issues with Black Pearls stacking into several Stacks. This could come from using StackMeMore. I tried Vanilla Stacks, and many other StackMods from the Workshop and got no Issues like that.

My other Mods:
Kibble Chart
GAF - Structures
Scorched Earth - Enhancer
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Pearl Converter
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iliasGaming Jul 27 @ 11:09pm 
@Stampa this mod is made for modded servers!
Install a stack mod and your problem will be solved.
Or, change the recipe to make it require less resources.

BUT, resources needed to craft it, weight less than 700.
This means that if you have 350 weight, you can carry all resources on you.
If you have less than 350 weight on your player, then this mod is not for you. :P
Stampa Jul 27 @ 9:15pm 
Even with 500 carry cap I cant physically put all the items required to craft this piece of shit in my inventory because it weighs to much lol
juggalo45ca May 22 @ 9:48pm 
doesn't work
iliasGaming May 8 @ 5:27am 
Today, I searched for a mod to craft Black Pearls.
I found about 10 mods, but most of them were either old/discontinued or extremely big for the use I want them. Some have no description (I never download mods that have no description) and some have never been updated.
This mod is discontinued, but it seems that it is the only one that is very small (less than 1MB) and it does ONLY what I want to do. It crafts Black Pearls. Nothing more, nothing less.
Thank you w4tersツ for this awesome mod!
I will use it, on all of my modded server.
neo Apr 13 @ 4:42am 
becareful Apr 8 @ 3:55am 
CFrankie Apr 5 @ 6:35pm 
If you're going to steal a mod idea, at least give the original developer credit for it. The Pearl Mod was created quite some time ago. It creates pearls and converts whites to blacks. I'm noticing a lot of mods recently that are "no longer" updating that are blatant rip offs.
Pimpernuckel Mar 10 @ 6:42am 
doesnt work anymore
PisDeZ [APK] Jan 31 @ 5:31am 
very nice Mod , its just take to long to gather them , but with this Mod it will be much Better , Thank you :D
DrunkenZombie Oct 18, 2017 @ 3:42pm 

I went a bit into the files and came up with the spawn code, as the mod author has not provided one.

for the blueprint:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Converter/PrimalItemStructure_pearlconverter.PrimalItemStructure_pearlconverter" 1 1 1

for the actual item swap the last 1 with a 0 as usual...

have fun!