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Pearl Converter
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23 юли 2016 в 12:36
2 авг. 2016 в 12:43
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Pearl Converter

This MOD will not get any New updates! I lost the Datas and cannot restore them.. But the MOD should still work ;)

This Mod adds a new Structure called "Pearl Converter" and the also the Blueprint "Black Pearls".
In the Converter you can craft from 20 Silicia Pearls one Black Pearl.
To activate the Converter you need Sparkpowder.

Engram unlocks at Level 70

Crafting Costs:
-250 Stone
-150 Hide
-220 Metal
-300 Obsidian

-converts 20 Silicia Pearls into 1 Black Pearl

MOD ID: 730142272

This Mod is clean and stackable with other Mods, some got Issues with Black Pearls stacking into several Stacks. This could come from using StackMeMore. I tried Vanilla Stacks, and many other StackMods from the Workshop and got no Issues like that.

My other Mods:
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64 коментара
DoozerSg1 18 февр. в 3:33 
doesnt work anymore
Spobbles 5 юни 2019 в 12:46 
Mod works fine for me as of the posting of this comment. Like people have said though, you need a stack mod or a lot of weight capacity to carry all the mats to make the thing.
krintiz 17 март 2019 в 2:00 
not converting 2
Burbank 4 март 2019 в 17:52 
So a question for anyone that can answer, why isn't it possible to make this have vanilla code? Vanilla silica pearls to vanilla black pearls?
Gnomo 4 февр. 2019 в 9:05 
not converting
bennySlides 16 ян. 2019 в 20:32 
Using the following string in your game.ini will convert 10 silica pearls/silicate to 1 black pearl:

mariofr 8 ян. 2019 в 5:11 
Der Converter funktioniert nicht. woran liegt es? Spiele gerade Extinctions, aber auch in SE hat er nichts gemacht. Hab ihn sogar - samt Silicium Perlen und Zündpulver - neben das Lagerfeuer gepackt, weil auch was von Hitze drin steht. Aber nix :-(
R♪ 19 окт. 2018 в 20:07 
steam://connect/ , server it 10x vieni anche tu xD
StrifeRaider 10 окт. 2018 в 6:40 
Mod doesn't apper to be working anymore.
Daloki 31 авг. 2018 в 18:28 
IF this helps anyone, (goes in the game.ini file)

This is my custom crafting cost: 1 Stone 1 Metal Ingot