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Universal Uncrafter
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Universal Uncrafter

The Universal Uncrafter device will take any item with a recipe - even from mods! - and reduce it to its material components.

Material block types with no recipes can be converted into Grey Goo. Weak, easily gathered materials like dirt and gravel will convert at a 20 to 1 ratio, and some valuable types like pressurized steel girders will convert at 4 to 1, but most materials will convert at a 10 to 1 ratio.

In turn, Grey Goo can be converted into any material type. It will turn into the first material found in the Uncrafter's "Output" slots.

Craft it at an Inventor's Table or its successors.

There are few things other than just pure recipe backtracking:
-It won't run until you have enough space in the output slots.
-Large input stacks will start converting slowly, then speed up.
-Actual recipes with a pixel component will only refund half of the pixel cost. If only pixels, no refunds! Go find a merchant.
-Randomized guns and weapons will give you some metals appropriate to the level of the weapon.
-Yes, you can un-cook food. Make steaks raw again if you miss the taste of space salmonella.
-Saplings turn into plant fibers.
-As items can have multiple recipes, the Universal Uncrafter will choose one which isn't just pixels if possible, but will only pick one recipe in the end.
-No turning coal into 10 wood apiece. And no selling custom signs, either.

If you'd like to make a recipe for your mod which can't be deconstructed, put "nouncrafting" in its groups and it will be ignored.
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Mar 26, 2019 @ 5:50pm
How does this actualy work?
Jan 27 @ 11:05am
fu "balance" update
marxy boy
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Nyaxx May 8 @ 8:04am 
For some reason, blueprint is not available in engineering table, had to spawn. If anyone wonder it's /spawnitem uncrafter
Quarry Master Bessie May 3 @ 3:53am 
A lot of people are complaining about the grey goo and for the most part I agree BUT, I have found that it can be quite helpful for building. You mine a bunch of junk blocks (often dirt), turn them into grey goo, turn the goo into the block you want, and make a little more progress on that giant lab or outpost you are making without having to spend 30+ hours just mining for durasteel and tungsten.
Dingus Donkus Apr 21 @ 6:02pm 
Does anyone remember the mod author for Helms Deep Reborn (the most popular L4D2 mod) where he edited the base game's code to get rid of certain aspects he didn't like, restricts server owners and mod developers, and censors any outcry.

Sorta sounds like thats whats going on here now, a mod dev with the most popular mod for a game starts restricting and changing things that don't need changing, stealing, censoring, esc.
ItsTheTerra Mar 31 @ 2:42pm 
does it still work for 1.4
leeal Mar 9 @ 4:00pm 
i'm new to the modding community, and...
wow. from everything i've heard from people, Sayter sounds like a gigantic fucking asshole. constantly balancing things that don't need balance, generally making shit grindy and annoying- I find FU missions a pain in the ass, and I constantly get quality of life mods just so I avoid the headache of FU's constant grind.

I wish I had a way to convert my character into a "Workshop Collection" version of themself. FU sounds genuinely unethical.
wood gaster the existent Mar 9 @ 2:56pm 
also why is this so controversial
wood gaster the existent Mar 9 @ 2:54pm 
"...miss the taste of space salmonella"
TuxYo Mar 8 @ 9:57pm 
Emergency Medical Hologram Mar 8 @ 9:54pm 
AuldWolf Mar 3 @ 12:36pm 

I want to talk about this as a programmer with expertise.

I'm 100 per cent against overhaul mods, if you'll let me I'll try to explain why overhauls never benefit anyone. It all comes down to the importance of modularity and how overhauls lack it. It's why Workshop collections rule and overhauls drool, so to speak.

If there's a feature in an overhaul you dislike then you're stuck with it unless you learn to mod, and if there are problems with the overhaul you're beholden to the maintainers to fix it (if they ever do). An overhaul is basically just a Workshop collection wrapped up into one, single file. Which actually removes every benefit of collections.

>> Continued. >>