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RT Fuse
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Jul 20, 2016 @ 12:47pm
Aug 13 @ 1:11pm
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RT Fuse

Researchable (RT Mods research tab) electric fuses to mitigate short circuits. When placed anywhere on a power network, each fuse will safely discharge up to three of network's batteries, mitigating or preventing the explosion.

Does not require a new colony to add or remove (might throw a one-time error).

Contributing new translations: create a translation mod.

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License (GPLv3)[github.com]
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The Bard of Hearts Nov 12 @ 12:58am 
I appreciate you taking the time to hear my argument. Still love the mod, regardless.
The Bard of Hearts Nov 12 @ 12:57am 
lol. Fair enough. :megamanshoot:
Ratysz  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:22am 
Well... Realism shouldn't be anywhere close to primary target in game design if you're not designing a hardcore simulator.

RimWorld's entire power system isn't very realistic. It's good enough for what it is in the core game, but implementing things like actual realistic circuit breakers would be extremely invasive, requiring near full rewrite of the power model. So I came up with a solution that doesn't require much more suspension of disbelief than the rest of the game, and balanced it in a way that felt alright progression-wise. It's gamey because the game is gamey.
The Bard of Hearts Nov 11 @ 10:27pm 
Thats fine. Personal opinion; that it feels a little off from realistic. I was never a fan of the whole electrical failure happening all the time. So this has always been my solution to that, but the component cost for resetting the fuses all the time is actually more costly to me in the long run. I usually just skip the fuses until I can get the breakers. Thanks for the reply though! Game on.
Ratysz  [author] Nov 11 @ 10:06pm 
@The Bard of Hearts: Breakers are the ultimate solution to the problem, they intentionally make you work for them. It's perfectly fine to use fuses as a stopgap for however long is necessary, especially if you break up your battery banks with switches to keep the reset cost total low.
The Bard of Hearts Nov 11 @ 3:36pm 
Hello! I wanted to say, I really appreciate this mod. I think its one that honestly should be in the vanilla game and I'm a bit surprised it didn't get gobbled up by tynan yet. (I mean that in a jovial way. :steamhappy: )

One small thing, though. The breakers are considered spacer tech. Shouldn't it be industrial? I mean, we have breakers today and have for ages. I know its not a huge deal, but me and my wife have been using a mod that makes them REALLY hard to get too because of their "spacer" tag.

Thoughts? :megamanjump:
Rainoa Sep 14 @ 4:37pm 
omg i didnt notice u was the maker of mad skills too!!
u have like 5 mods and im using 4 of them lolz

you @Ratysz have made some amazing quality of life mods :machiko::cozytf2mug:
Ratysz  [author] Sep 14 @ 1:53am 
@Want Commit Die: No. The intended solution for that is to use separate banks of batteries behind power switches. My other mod RT Power Switch provides automation functions to make that less of a hassle.
Daddy Sep 14 @ 1:16am 
I really like the mod and fuse plus with it. However it still doesnt help the event. If your using frontier developments shield generators and have a zttt/circuit breaker prevent a zzzz, you cannot store any power in your battiers untill you flip all the shields off, they drain to much i guess. Can we see an option preferably with a slider were it prevents the zzzt and only drains some of your power. Say 75%?
Ratysz  [author] Sep 12 @ 4:41am 
@Frying_Dutchman: added a note, might do that next time I update. That won't happen until another major RimWorld update, most likely.