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More Events Mod

COMPATIBLE with Stellaris 3.12.*

Are you looking for more action and interesting events to show up while you are doing your day to day enslaving and conquering business? If, like us, you find the mid to late game a little lacking of interesting diversion, then you have come to the right place. This mod adds new anomalies and events to your game, focusing on spicing up the game after exploration has slowed down.

Note: There have been some slight changes to the galactic_features_events.txt


This mod will be constantly updated with new content for your game. All events are designed to be balanced with the events in the vanilla game.


Mod Content
Anomalies, Events and Archaeological sites to add more variety to your gaming expierience. Additionally there are various new species portraits (used for our factions) which are also accessable for custom empires, but they will not spawn as randomly generated empires.
Also this mod adds deactivatable planetary shield graphics as well as an also deactivatable alternative version of the shieldworld planets.

Fun with numbers:
72 with a total of 127 Outcomes (not counting potential branching events after the anomaly finisher)
Archaeological sites: 21
Astral Rifts: 1
Primitive related events: 18
Colony level events: 13
Country level events: 17
Special system focussed events: 5
Origins: 1 (4 if you count the 3 used as switches)
Highimpact Questlines and Crises: 11
  • Elusive Carcosa
  • Legacy of the Carcharorion
  • Food Constructor
  • Lost Emperor
  • Descended Ascendant
  • Extinct Abductors
  • The Last Orila

  • Return of the Sadrell
  • Surveyor Probe
  • Broken Clock
  • Vazuran Menace

If there are ARTISTS out there who are able to produce event pics with a quality and style matching that of Paradox´s pics and would like to support our work we would love to use their artwork in this mod.

Bug Reports
You found a bug during your game session? Please, post it in the Bug report discussion thread so we can squish it in the next version. And if you could give us some hints on how to reproduce it, it would be also very helpful.

Q: Is this or that event from your mod?
A: First, open your console while the event window is still there. Then type in "debugtooltip" and press enter, then close the console. Now check the tooltip when hovering your mouse over one of the event's options. It displays the event_id among other information. All of our event_ids start mit "mem_". If there's no "mem_" it's not from us.

Q: I hate these f*****g Vazurans! They are the worst crisis ever and it makes me disable this s****y mod! How do I make them go away forever!?!
A: The Vazuran Menace only has a 5% chance to occur naturally, but if you do not enjoy them at all, you can easily disable them during your game setup. Just create an AI empire with the "fainthearted backwater" origin and set it to force spawn. This will 100% prevent the Vazurans in your game.

Q: Can I activate this mod in a running save game?
A: Yes you can, but some events won´t appear in that case, as they are set at game start. Aside from this there should be no issues.

Q: My planetary shields are not correctly centered on my planets. What is wrong?
A: All shield objects are adjusted to vanilla scaling. Every mod that changes planet/system scaling will lead to our shields being off centered. If this is the case and you do not want to deactive the other mod, you'll have to deactivate our graphical shield effect in our options menu.

Real Space Users could try this compatibility fix:
Real Space System Scale/Planetary Shields Compatch 2.0



If you want to further support our work on improving the mod by adding additional art assets, please leave us a little donation. The page is set up to accept the lowest possible amount in my currency. Whatever you can spare, you'll have our thanks for it. You also won't be throwing your money into the aether either, as we have clear goals on what to do next with donated funds - visible on that page. See our latest addition (Orila, Vazuran and Neochadamus portraits) to get an idea of the quality you can expect. In the end you'll support both the mod and the artist, with whom we plan to keep on colaborating.

The Orila (+ their currently worked on expansion), Vazuran and Neochadamus (paragon) portraits were funded by us. At this point we have to make a cut however as our personal funds for this project are limited as well.

Anything further will need your support. Next we want to add new species portraits for the different Broken Clock aliens (devouring swarm molluscoids, determined exterminator robots, fanatic purifier lithoids all following the same scheme in terms of shape so we can use the same animations for all three and lower the price) which are also meant to be available for the player species.

Finished and implemented:
  • Neochadamus paragon portrait
  • Orila species portrait with outfits and hologram paragon portrait variation
  • Vazuran species portrait
  • Neochadamus portrait expansion for species portrait *
  • Overlord Trailer Emperor paragon portrait *
Currently worked on:
  • Orila Expansion (fitting robot portrait, hologram version for normal portraits, cybernetic variation)
Funded and next on the plan:
  • Broken Clock molluscoid devouring swarm species portrait *
  • Broken Clock lithoid purifier species portrait *
Planned, not yet funded:
  • Broken Clock machine terminators species portrait
* funded through donations

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Comrade Cyka Jul 18 @ 1:05pm 
As an update, manually spawning a new system with effect doesn't work. Guess I'll gave to get it how it was originally intended. Thanks for responding though!
Malthus  [author] Jul 18 @ 11:30am 
The event requires a specific system in your space to fire. I never spawned a system with console effects, so not sure how to if it works. Otherwise you could make a small test event to spawn the system. The system in questen is "mem_albino_crystal_asteroid_system".
Comrade Cyka Jul 18 @ 11:03am 
Is there a way to force spawn the Albino Crystal event? I tried various effect console commands to add the flags to an asteroid/solar system but it didn't work.
Malthus  [author] Jul 15 @ 6:22am 
It should not conflict as both mods should check for the same global flag when deciding whether or not to spawn the system on game start.
Deep_Dark Jul 15 @ 5:29am 
I've been playing a Machine Empire, and i came across the MEM version of this character(I actually recall the Original version of him in a previous run), and looked into which mod he came from... and i came across Modjam 2024, which completely slipped my awareness.

I wanted to ask if this Mod now conflicts with the Modjam version of this leader(I wanna try out the Modjam, but i really don't want to turn this mod off.), and if any positioning in the Load order can prevent problems.

Thanks in advance!
Violent Beetle  [author] Jul 7 @ 3:40pm 
The only way Space Race can fail I can think of is if a host country just disappeared without going to war or anything.
doctornull Jul 7 @ 11:17am 
@Sir Koda - it means the game needs to let mods put settings in the galaxy map config instead of forcing mods to work around the game's limited UI
Sir Koda Jul 7 @ 3:31am 
What does it meant, that 3 out of the 4 origins that this mod adds are used as "switches"?
Malthus  [author] Jul 5 @ 11:54pm 
Try to fire "mem_space_race.3" and see if anything happens.
Malthus  [author] Jul 5 @ 11:51pm 
Something must have broken the event. It should only take a few months to start.