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More Events Mod

COMPATIBLE with Stellaris 2.1.*

Are you looking for more action and interesting events to show up while you are doing your day to day enslaving and conquering business? If, like us, you find the mid to late game a little lacking of interesting diversion, then you have come to the right place. This mod adds new anomalies and events to your game, focusing on spicing up the game after exploration has slowed down.

Note: There have been some slight changes to the galactic_features_events.txt

MEM Precursor Fix

Our Precursor Fix (has been taken out of MEM when the vanilla Fix was released) is now available seperately. It is compatible with MEM and we can just encourage you to take a look at it if your are still not content with the way the precursor quests are handled in vanilla.


This mod will be constantly updated with new content for your game. All events are designed to be balanced with the events in the vanilla game.

  • English
  • other language files are in english / partly translated

Mod Content
Anomalies and Events to add more variety to your gaming expierience.
Also this mod adds deactivatable planetary shield graphics as well as an also deactivatable alternative version of the shieldworld planets.

You can find a list of added content here:

Want to help? We are recruiting!
At the moment we have so many ideas and worked out stories but lack the needed amount of capable CODERS to do them all. We also are in dire need of TRANSLATORS.
If there are ARTISTS out there who are able to produce event pics with a quality matching that of Paradox´s pics and would like to support our work we would love to use their artwork in this mod.

Do you have Ideas for Anomalies and Events?
Feel free to let us know about your ideas. We always appreciate your help in this matter.
But please note the following guidlines:
  • Vanilla assets only, so nothing that would require integrating another mod, unless you can and would like to provide the completed assets to the mod entirely such as images or sound files.
  • Nothing that would require changing base files, so this mod will be compatible with all other mods.
  • Nothing using an existing franchises, so no cameos of Luke Skywalker and the like.
  • Nothing that would change the fundamental game balance, like an event that raises the mineral cap or fleet cap or changes the way the AI operates, etc.

Bug Reports
You found a bug during your game session? Please, post it in the Bug report discussion thread so we can squish it in the next version. And if you could give us some hints on how to reproduce it, it would be also very helpful.

Q: Can I activate this mod in a running save game?
A: Yes you can, but some events won´t appear in that case, as they are set at game start. Aside from this there should be no issues.

Q: Can I use this mod together with the Extra Events Mod?
A: Yes, you can, both mods should be compatible. If you encounter any issues though, please let us know.

Q: My planetary shields are not correctly centered on my planets. What is wrong?
A: All shield objects are adjusted to vanilla scaling. Every mod that changes planet/system scaling will lead to our shields being off centered. If this is the case and you do not want to deactive the other mod, you'll have to deactivate our graphical shield effect in our options menu.

Q: I have deactivated the mod options menu. How do I access it now?
A: Click on one of your colonies then use "event mem_options.3" You have to have one of your colonies selected as it is a planet_event and uses the owner scope for some effects.

Real Space Users should try this compatibility fix:

If you are experiencing problems with Food Constructor event chain, install this:
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Joining the team
< >
Malthus  [author] Nov 13 @ 8:24am 
If you plan on keep playing your current game after the next patch I suggest you do two things:
1 You have to make a copy of your mod files in you local Stellaris mod folder and create a new modfile linking to that archive. This way you can keep playing with that version of our mod
2 You will have to select the last Stellaris version once their update hits steam.

We are not doing updates often, but when we do there are usually a lot of changes which unfortunately leads to incompatibilities with earlier savegames. Shortly after big updates there may be a few hotfix patches for pressing problems, which in most cases are not breaking savegames however.
Caligula Caesar  [author] Nov 12 @ 11:27pm 
It doesn't usually happen, butt we are not experts on why it could happen! I guess it depends on what bugs emerge...

By the way, I'd be more concerned about the vanilla patches. There is no way the next one will be savegame compatible. And even for smaller ones, I once played through the transition made by a relatively small patch (1.4) and I could tell that many things the AI was doing had gone wrong.
AlphaAshIsAWeenie Nov 12 @ 3:46pm 
Is there anyway to keep the mod from breaking saves when you update it? Its one of two reason why I can never finish a game the other reason being time. I have to play a save for a year before I reach that point casue I am a full time student and work a 40 hour week. When your mod breaks my saves it makes it even harder. I love the mod tho but will sadly not be able to play with it anymore if that is not something you can do.
Malthus  [author] Nov 8 @ 8:03am 
The 10K fleet we were speaking about is the big pirate fleet blocking you from finishing that questline. Unless you are able to beat them you cannot finish the quest that gives you the strike cruiser.
X Ocelot Nov 7 @ 3:27pm 
That "10k fleet" is mining drones, unless you mean the crystal monster. The drones are not actively hostile. So you can just bait them one at a time in isolated fleets.

I was purely asking because I was hoping for some direct option as opposed to an honor-code system on the players not getting an XL slotted ship early.

Thank you for your responses, however.
Malthus  [author] Nov 7 @ 8:34am 
Yep as Violent Beetle said, you already have to defeat a 10k fleet in order to get it in the first place. It is powerful, but you have to have fitting ethics or choose to make the ethics shift and be peaceful to event get the science ship before that quest chain. So it has its costs.

But VB also added the option to just say "not interested" when you do the first project after getting the anomaly. This should work similar to denying the species collection in vanilla or the habitable world survey.
Violent Beetle  [author] Nov 7 @ 3:02am 
Don't you need to defeat, like, 10k worth of ships to get there?
X Ocelot Nov 7 @ 2:52am 
Is there a setting to disable the Secrets of the Past [or whatever it is with the 'species in cryotubes'] event for multiplayer? Turns out the ability to gain a 6k power ship early is disastrous.
Caligula Caesar  [author] Nov 3 @ 10:18am 
He will die if you don't ask for help. The easiest would be to reload to before that event, but if you want to hack around in the files they are in mem_dpe_fe_events
Red-Eyed_Fairace Nov 2 @ 5:47pm 
Hello, I have a question, How do I disable the "Requesting the help of the Ancients" event? The one with the event that force your ruler to to ask for the help of the Fallen Empire because apparently, my ruler is about to die?

I got two save games, 1 of them has the Cyborg trait and the other one has the Chosen One trait, (Immortality)

Why would my ruler die on a random desease when he's immortal? I checked your codes but I cant find the right file to edit to disable it. Or I could just click "dont ask for help" ?