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Fluffy Breakdowns
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Fluffy Breakdowns

Replaces random breakdowns with a maintenance requirement.

Buildings using components will now gradually deteriorate. The odds of a breakdown happening (and requiring replacement components), is directly linked to the amount of deterioration.

To keep your machinery in top shape, your colonists with the construction work enabled will periodically maintain components. As long as components are properly maintained, they cannot randomly break down.

I’m very interested in any feedback on how these changes affect the difficulty of the game. I’ve tried to balance it so that it’s not too hard/easy - but I’m just one person with one playstyle.

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- Phezzan: Extend base component lifetime range
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This is version 4.3.53, for RimWorld 1.1.2652.[twitch.tv]

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Apocalyptic Flatulence 17 hours ago 
@Polysorbate I've nearly never experienced a breakdown too and think you are right that a random breakdown should start to become possible at lower % levels and grow exponentially. It's more rimworld-like and interesting. I only worry it might worsen the lag issue stated by ELIF, 2 posts below. Relevant to me since I run the game on a parsnip. Could be a great plus but Ideally a feature like that would be made optional in mod settings.
yagiou Jun 1 @ 6:55pm 
holly shit almost a second.
《ELIF_》 May 7 @ 7:46pm 

Breakdowns seems to cause huge lag spikes in performance once you have a pretty big base setups with lots of buildings needing maintenance, I suggest spreading out the maintenance percentage update, rather then having them all happen in one frame.
Polysorbate May 5 @ 12:15pm 
(3/3) This way there will still be breakdowns but through regular maintenance you can greatly reduce the chance. If the repair threshold is left at 70% as it is now, this will mean that with diligent upkeep you'll rarely have problems but if neglected the chance of failure climbs rapidly, which I think is very important. A player who really despises breakdowns can set their repair threshold to 90% upkeep and trade a repair-dedicated pawn for virtually never having breakdowns and wasting fewer components. This sounds like a fair and interesting tradeoff to make while preserving the original spirit of the game.

If you're not interested in altering your mod's balance in this way, maybe you could offer a "lite" version that still has breakdowns with a system something like what I suggested?

Thanks for reading.
Polysorbate May 5 @ 12:15pm 

100% upkeep = 0% breakdown chance
90% upkeep = 30% (+30) of vanilla's breakdown chance
80% upkeep = 60% (+40) of vanilla's breakdown chance
70% upkeep = 100% (+40) of vanilla's breakdown chance
60% upkeep = 150% (+50) of vanilla's breakdown chance
50% upkeep = 200% (+50) of vanilla's breakdown chance
40% upkeep = 300% (+100) of vanilla's breakdown chance
30% upkeep = 400% (+100) of vanilla's breakdown chance
20% upkeep = 600% (+200) of vanilla's breakdown chance
10% upkeep = 800% (+200) of vanilla's breakdown chance
0% upkeep = instant breakdown
Polysorbate May 5 @ 12:15pm 
(1/3) Fluffy, since you're interested in feedback: I've played through two games from beginning to end with this mod and I don't remember having a single breakdown. Maybe some happened and I'm forgetting, but it seems like the way the mod currently works, if you keep up with maintenance you can completely prevent breakdowns. I appreciate the added player choice your mod adds by allowing a player to have a hand in deciding how often breakdowns will happen, but I think the mod as it stands takes away far too much of the charming unpredictability found in vanilla Rimworld. It also makes components more plentiful, significantly altering the game's intended balance in a way I find undesirable.

My suggestion is a scheme something like this:
Liwet May 1 @ 11:45am 
What does the "Maintenance Threshold" setting do? What effect happens if I increase or decrease it?
Sarai Apr 30 @ 10:50am 
@Fluffy I just want to say that you are an amazing modder and I really couldn't play the game without some of your mods. I also struggle with depression, and seeing your little graphic here about it brings me hope! It's important to remove the stigma around mental health by just like, talking about it neutrally. Anyway, you're an awesome dev, keep up the great work!!
Meester Apr 25 @ 6:07pm 
Could you add tooltips to the slider settings in Mod Settings like you did for 'Maintain in home area only' when mousing over the option?

How about a special maintenance work option to seperate construction from maintenance?
FriendGaru Apr 16 @ 10:28pm 
I like this mod quite a bit, but as others have said the maintenance time cost gets way too high when your base starts to get large. It would be great if there were a series of research projects to improve durability so that it scaled better into late game.