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Work Tab

Provides a vastly more customizable work tab.

Work Tab completely takes over job priorities from the vanilla game. In order to support core functionalities and other mods, it intercepts calls to get/set priorities. However, when it is told to set priorities by other modded or vanilla code, that code is not aware of the time schedule, and the priority will be set for the whole day. As such, this mod is currently incompatible with mods that dynamically change priorities (e.g. Force Pawn to do a Job).

Various usability extentions to the ‘vanilla’ work tab;

- Work types can be expanded (by Ctrl+clicking the column header) to allow you to set priorities for the individual tasks within each work type.
- Time scheduler to set priorities for a given time slot only - allowing you to designate a cleaning hour, or have your cook prepare meals right before dinner, etc. etc.
- Up to 9 priority levels (configurable in mod options)
- Various small UX tweaks; scrolling to increase/decrease/toggle priorities, increase/decrease priorities for whole columns/rows (by holding shift and clicking/scrolling while hovering over the column header/pawn name respectively).
- All functions are detailed in the tooltips, take a moment to hover over and read them!

Known Issues
With UI scaling turned on, vertical labels are drawn in the wrong position. I’ve been working on this problem for a while, but have been unable to come up with a solution. Workarounds are to not use UI scaling, or to turn vertical labels off in the mod options. See the issue[github.com] for more details.

With great power comes great responsibility. The default priorities of tasks within a job is set for a good reason; it’s (usually) a sensible default. Changing these can lead to deadlock situations, so change the priorities of individual jobs at your own risk!

Finally, there will never be an ‘autolabour’ mode where a mod sets priorities for you. Due to the way the AI is handled (e.g. pawns actively look for work, instead of there being a ‘bulletin board’ of jobs that need doing), it’s not feasible to get the complete list of work that needs doing that would be needed to make this a reality, without extreme overhead and loads of special exception coding.

Powered by Harmony

- Bronytamin: Russian translation
- Duduluu: Chinese translation
- Eric Swanson: Help with time-dependent tooltips
- DoctorVanGogh: Help with typos in build script
- MrClon: Russian translation
- mercutiodesign: Optional scrollwheel usage setting
- Bugo: Russian translation (update)
- Arex-rus: Russian translation (fixes)
- mora145: Spanish translation

Think you found a bug?
Please read this guide before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report here[github.com]

Older versions
All current and past versions of this mod can be downloaded from GitHub[github.com].

All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[opensource.org]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[creativecommons.org].

Parts of the code in this mod, and some content may be licensed by their original authors. If this is the case, the original author & license will either be given in the source code, or be in a LICENSE file next to the content. Please do not decompile my mods, but use the original source code available on GitHub[github.com], so license information in the source code is preserved.

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This is version v0.18.1.7

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K0T9PA Apr 21 @ 4:36am 
@Fluffy; Когда житель падает в обморок или его подстреливают, то его все пункты сбиваются в стандартные! Translate
Fluffy  [author] Apr 21 @ 4:27am 
@Enkidu; all sub-jobs (tasks) are considered at the same time. Work types have no role in deciding priorities, they only exist to quickly assign priorities to a set of tasks.

@K0T9PA; what? :D
K0T9PA Apr 21 @ 3:29am 
in wounds of man, and of a failure, reset the settings of its posts
Enkidu Apr 20 @ 8:51pm 
Is the priority of subjobs computed before moving on to the next tier job? Will a level 2 Execute Prisoners happen before a level 1 Cook, or does it fall into the same track as all level 2 jobs?
Muniategui Apr 16 @ 1:14pm 
@Fluffy okai i've thing i've gottit what i wanted is to priorize smelter over all manufacturing task so i've i set all jops to 3 and i put all manufacturing subjobs to 4 except smelt to 3 i think that i will get what i want, respect all the prioritys but if you are manufacturing priorize smleting (also i think that i would have to set the jobs in the right of manufactuirng also to 4 to avoiding them gettin priority over manufacturing) i will try that thanks for your help <3
Fluffy  [author] Apr 16 @ 11:55am 
save to add, probably won't corrupt your savegame if removed (but will throw a couple of errors upon the next load, which will go away the next time).
A Black Kid Named Dylan Apr 16 @ 11:09am 
Affects saves?
Fluffy  [author] Apr 15 @ 12:49pm 
@Muiategui; yeah, but the order of equal priority (sub) jobs is always left-to-right. Keeping that in mind, and using 9 priority levels, you can setup pretty much whatever you want. There is no real difference in jobs and subjobs when a pawn figures out what to do, they always consider each subjob independently.

e.g. I tend to have my hunters set to the cooking subjob of butchering at 2, hunting at 3. That way, they'll butcher when possible, then hunt. Haulers have the construction subjob of hauling to blueprints set, whereas highly skilled constructors have actual building set to 3, hauling resources to blueprints to 4 or 5 or so.
Muniategui Apr 15 @ 11:39am 
@Fluffy is any whay to set forexmaple manufactoring with same priority as the rest of jobs but when you are going to do a manufactoring jop priorize one subjob over other? (just priorize over subjobs)
Blaine Apr 14 @ 10:59am 
Another essential mod by Fluffy! Thank you. Would there be a way to keep the first column (pawn's name) visible while scrolling to the right so that you can always see their names?