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Interior (and Exterior) Design
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Jul 8, 2016 @ 9:10pm
Apr 21 @ 6:56pm
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Interior (and Exterior) Design

This mod makes most of the furniture you find in towns researchable and buildable. All the chairs, tables, shelves, benches and sitting pillows you could want! For those who think their outposts need a more lived in feel. Also includes many exterior items and buildings.


-Overhauled a huge amount of things behind the scenes. Will make a few things simpler for me in the future, makes some things less likely to break due to game updates, and will prevent some bugs from happening (such as all the mod buildings vanishing).

-A bunch of new items added. Some are not available using the BP system yet, though the research mod will have them available.

-Fixed a bug that could result in you having a 0.00x hunger rate when sitting on certain objects.

Feel free to leave any suggestions below, I'd be happy to add more items if you think they'd belong. :)

For those who would rather research everything instead of searching for blueprints:

Nexus download for Non-Steam users:

Looking for a place to discuss Kenshi or Kenshi modding? Feel free to join the Kenshi Community Discord[] We're always welcome to new faces. :)
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Feb 22 @ 3:43pm
Blueprint Names & Locations
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Bruik May 24 @ 9:09am 
Just want to say thanks for including a Nexus link!
Shidan  [author] Apr 23 @ 7:39am 
Nothing new, just the stuff mentioned in the comments below.
Shir Blackwater Apr 23 @ 7:26am 
What is the new stuff that was added?
nolez15 Apr 22 @ 4:31pm 
Thanks for the response! Appreciate you looking into it, and this fix works well enough for me. :steamthumbsup:
Shidan  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:49pm 
Hmm, I don't see a way to fix it. The issue seems to be because of some system the devs added to the sign flag in the code, unfortunately without that flag they simply aren't placeable and don't work at all. Not sure when it was added, as it didn't used to be the case.

For now I will remove all resources from the signs, which will allow them to be built without the characters interacting with them. Though the user cannot select them to remove them normally, so I'll add a note in-game you have to use the Shift+F12 menu to remove them.
Shidan  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:04pm 
I can look into it in a little bit. I wasn't aware it was an issue.
nolez15 Apr 21 @ 4:12pm 
It doesn't look like characters are actually able to build any of the signs. I've tested this on all bar signs, and the game acts like the blueprint isn't even there. Is there a fix or maybe a planned fix for this?
Shidan  [author] Jan 9 @ 8:03pm 
Unfortunately it can't be done. Would need someone who knows how to make custom collision files to volunteer their time to make a variant that would allow it. I just enable the vanilla one, which doesn't allow snapping.
Gaz Jan 9 @ 7:09pm 
Nice mod, I have an issue tho, I cant mount crossbows to the gun plank the snap point is not working, any advice?
knower to be Jan 4 @ 6:29pm 
its still a good mod man nice job