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Forgotten Buildings
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Forgotten Buildings

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The largest collection of buildings and furniture from older versions of Kenshi and non-player towns. Over 400 new buildings and furniture pieces to construct, plus another 300 copies of buildings, walls and furniture using alternative textures.

Forgotten Buildings Includes:
  • Tier 5 walls, concrete walls, and other walls from the old world
  • Moor buildings (used in old world towns)
  • Swamp buildings, platforms, walkways and fences
  • Hive huts, cannibal shacks and metal buildings
  • Outposts s-I, s-II and s-V
  • Old variants of Outposts s-III and s-IV
  • Broken Watchtowers and Storm House variants
  • Lagoon buildings and platforms
  • Outpost Citadels (aka Ancient Citadel, Ancient Lab, Outpost Prison)
  • Vast Factories (aka Ancient Factory)
  • Dome Ruin and Dome (aka Black Market)
  • Ashland Domes
  • Very old buildings such as HQs and bunkers
  • Five types of bridges
  • All signs and banners
  • Oil drills, silos and refineries
  • Water towers, water tanks and windmills
  • Alternative models for farms, mines, grain silos and wind generators
  • Auto-turrets (not fully automated but more accurate than other turrets)
  • Multi-barrel turrets with lights
  • More lights
  • More tents
  • Market stalls
  • Quarry equipment
  • Tarsand pipes and other structures
  • Com Towers and Land Blades
  • Ruined versions of many buildings and walls
  • Any furniture missing from vanilla research

Similar items are grouped in the build menu, use the arrow buttons to switch between them.

Click here for a complete list of everything the mod allows you to build.

If you need help identifying something in the images above, take a look here.

All research changes and blueprints can be found here.

Other Features:
  • Slopeless-like building placement, without the risk of buildings moving
  • Defensive Wall V has its original appearance restored
  • Moor buildings are available in all four of the original textures
  • Stairs added to Double House, Moor C, Moor Tower, Saloon and Tallhouse
  • Raised House roof is accessible
  • Turret and/or light nodes have been added to many buildings, walls, towers and gates
  • Furniture can be built on swamp platforms and lookout towers
  • Most furniture can be built outdoors (excludes crafting and research benches)
  • Inventory size added to the descriptions of all storage boxes
  • Climbable defensive wall towers (stairs are hidden inside)
  • New ramp attachment points
  • The lights built into some Defensive Wall/Tower/Gate models can be switched on
  • Signs snap to light nodes for easier placement
  • Functionality added to Fishing Rods, Fish Drying Racks, Oil Drills and Oil Refineries
  • The largest buildings are appropriately difficult to construct
  • All walls can be destroyed
  • Unique destroyed meshes for Old Storm House and lagoon buildings
  • Many building mesh fixes
  • Changed the brightness of some old texture files
  • Added transparency or emissive glow to some building materials
  • Improved collision for some buildings
  • Previously unfinished buildings from the game files have been completed: twelve so far and more to come

Many things can only be learnt from blueprints, which can be bought or looted from locations where the buildings are found. If you really dislike this idea, or have already visited the location of a blueprint you wanted, there is the option to use the research bench instead.

If you're having trouble finding a blueprint this list should help.



If you would like to create a translation, this template can be used as a starting point.

Non-Steam Version:
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LittleBeardedMan Apr 2 @ 3:33pm 
Also, I can only select the mounted crossbows through the shift + F12 menu, but I cannot seem to fix the fact that I cannot select it.
LittleBeardedMan Apr 2 @ 3:29pm 
Hey, I am having issues with the mounted crossbows in the bunkers, I cannot select them, they just clip into the walls, anyone got a solution for this?
Fexis Mar 21 @ 2:26pm 
does mod have its own category in building tab?
Articulate Llama Mar 21 @ 10:46am 
I am pretty capable in the FCS. How do you "add" buildings to be able to be placed on the "lagoon Platform" I have Azuchi Buildings and am trying to fiddle with stats on both to get them to place but cant seem to see a conflicting option or option to add compatibility. Am happy to do it myself if you say what you do to get buildings to place on the platforms.

Thanks for your time.
mb. Mar 10 @ 11:44pm 
where can i get swamp houses
?♣2.93B2TitusSauseS26.5♠? Feb 16 @ 11:55pm 
Are you still working on this?
king Dec 26, 2020 @ 5:54pm 
iv mentioned it before. but is there a way for you to add a upgraded lagoon platform with a gate on it? its kinda pointless to bother building it atm unless you wall off the whole place
The Red Dec 19, 2020 @ 7:35am 
Could you maybe replace a window on the second floor of the double house with a doorway?
The balcony has so much space but there is no way to get there.
Mechanica  [author] Dec 14, 2020 @ 4:46pm 
Thanks for the screenshots and mod list. The issue is not related to any of those mods. Is the floor tilted? I'm not sure why, but I found that can cause the problem you described.

I'll see if I can do something about the building slope affecting where you can place the thrones.
Burd Dec 12, 2020 @ 11:34am 
Got some screenshots to show what's going on:
Shown here is what happens when it's placed facing the door. It just turns red and says it's too close to another building.
Here's what happens when I turn it 180 degrees, in the exact same spot. Suddenly it lets me place it down.

Normal throne does the same thing. Place on the platform doesn't seem to change anything, the direction is all that seems to matter. (sorry for spamming the comments btw)