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Monkworm May 19 @ 9:40am 
I uploaded the HK-47 Recruit Mod. It requires HK_Droid_Races_(kotor) Mod to work. If you have a chance, take a look at DialoguePlayerPkg>HK-47_(basic intro). In there is the EV_player_talk_to_me Dialogue I added. HK-47(BasicIntro-x4). I actually had the 'inheritsFrom' set up similar to a few of the Martial Village Monks, but still no luck. I just want to have conversations with HK-47, while in my town or, anywhere really. Basically similar to KOTOR/Mass Effect. Like when HK is Recruited(not hired) by *PlayerCharacter1*, and when the Player makes/gets to Player_Base/Town, HK's Speech Bubble will appear and can have Dialogue still with *PC1*. I would like to make the triggers similar to: In_non-player base/town, and/or, In_player base/town. Is that possible? I'm still reading through one of your Dialogue posts, but cant find this topic
Shidan May 15 @ 2:08pm 
I'd try setting the text for the mesh's path to be ".\data\MeshFilenameHere" in the FCS. That'll make it look in the vanilla directory, which as long as the original mod is active should work fine to locate it due to how mods load their files.

But yeah, you would not want to add the file directly to your mod, as it would no longer be a reference.
Monkworm May 15 @ 1:35pm 
I restarted my Mod. However it says: 'Invalid Path, Files must be in Game Data Directory or in your Mod Directory.' I have both Mods active in FCS, with mine loaded last. The Mesh I'm trying to use is in Kenshi>Mods>.Mod Folder. It's also in Steamapps>workshop>content>folder>.modfolder. I don't think I should make a copy of the Mesh to put in My Mod folder, because then it wouldnt be a reference anymore, is that right?
Shidan May 15 @ 12:12pm 
And yes, no answer is to be taken as a no.
Shidan May 15 @ 12:11pm 
To reference something from another mod, all you have to do is have the original mod turned on while you edit a new one you've made. You'll be able to access anything from that mod and use or make changes to them in your mod. It'll set it up automatically to require the original mod.

Then once you upload to the workshop you can add the requirement over on the right side of the page.
Monkworm May 15 @ 12:06pm 
If the Original Mod Author says nothing, that counts as no permission I assume? I guess I'll try to redo it from scratch. I'll have to look into referencing more. Thanks again!