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Shidan Oct 17 @ 5:28am 
I have no control or input on features for either game, and never have. I do not work for lofi.

If you want to complain about features, at least go complain in the right place. :P
13 Oct 16 @ 8:36pm 
so you said "Technically, when you "buy" them you're actually buying their freedom. They get to chose whether or not they join you or not."
then someone else said in reply "Which to be honest makes little sense. Considering you get called a slave lover when you try buying a slave to save him from death. Let alone purchasing one to free them."
and then you replied "By "slave lover" they mean you love the slaves themselves, and dislike slavery. That kind of "slave lover".
So yes, it does make sense."

if this stupid system was your idea then leave kenshi 2 alone , and go see a doctor or something
SnugSnug Sep 30 @ 2:19pm 
SnugSnug Sep 30 @ 10:29am 
Cheers! (i've updated the description.)
Shidan Sep 30 @ 10:23am 
Yep, that one is mine. And I do not care what anyone does with any of the maps I made. I made them for the community to use as they please. :)
SnugSnug Sep 30 @ 10:13am

This, one. If it's an issue i'll pull it.