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Medical Tab
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Jul 2, 2016 @ 3:11am
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Medical Tab

Adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

Shows vital medical statistics for Colonists, Animals, Prisoners, Visitors and Hostiles*. Medical care designation, including mass and default assignments Overview of bleeding rates, pain and infection/disease/immunity progress See efficiency on all capabilities Schedule new operations and see planned operations Sort by everything

*: The hostile tab will by default only show downed hostiles, as I consider showing all hostiles cheating. There’s a toggle in the mod options to show all hostiles instead.

Powered by Harmony

- Racoon: German translation
- duduluu: Chinese translation
- MossieuLeBlanc: French translation
- kPherox: A16 update
- Bronytamin:
- WNJStudio: Updated chinese translation
- Arex-rus: Russian translation
- mora145:
- Alex TD: Tweaks to disease progress icon

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This is version v0.18.1.6

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Fluffy  [author] Jul 9 @ 11:40pm 
@Rhah; thanks, that is quite helpful.
@Doomquill; ofcourse I am! In fact, there's an early version already ready over on my GitHub, see the link in the description. Be warned though, it's two weeks old at this point, and the 1.0 RW version is still changing all the time - some new bugs may have been introduced.
Doomquill Jul 6 @ 7:57pm 
pls tell me you will update to 1.0. This mod is one of the greatest in the whole game. I can't believe it's not vanilla already.
.Rhah. Jun 17 @ 6:27pm 
Also, it seems worth mentioning that the error doesn't persist once the visitors leave. The button regains functionality after they've gone.
.Rhah. Jun 17 @ 4:29pm 
Got the error again. I peeked at the output and parsed a lot of the repeating entries of your error to get it down in size for pastebin. I can give you the unadulterated version if needed.
Here's [pastebin.com]the pastebin link.
Fluffy  [author] Jun 17 @ 4:45am 
you can interact with the various percentages for pawn capabilities, and it will give you a list of things you can do to increase (or when right-clicking decrease) that particular stat.
Kags Jun 17 @ 4:32am 
Maybe I'm just dumb, but the description says this mod lets me schedule operations from the medical tab? I can't seem to find any way of doing so outside of the regular pawns health menu.
Fluffy  [author] Jun 13 @ 11:47pm 
ok, this is odd. I'll need an output_log to really do anything, so if it happens again, please send me an output_log, and considering it looks like it's hard to replicate, a save game would also be great!
ouyin2000 Jun 13 @ 4:45pm 
@.Rhah.; I'll second that. I have experienced that same issue off and on. Unrepeatably.
Fluffy  [author] Jun 12 @ 11:43pm 
@.Rhah.; Just you, as far as I know. If it happens again, could you send me an output_log?
.Rhah. Jun 12 @ 5:45pm 
Anyone else unable to change the tab back to view colonists once you select to view visitors or is it just me?