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SSD Death Screams 2.1
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Jun 22, 2016 @ 10:31pm
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SSD Death Screams 2.1

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For a long time I thought Arma lacked some kind of feedback whenever a unit was injured or killed, making combat feel somewhat stale and oddly quiet. After playing games such as Red Orchestra 2 and Battlefield, I noticed how hit feedback (such as screams, grunts, cries, etc) can make for a much more visceral experience. Therefore, I decided to use some of these sounds to give Arma a similar level of auditory depth.

I've been using this mod privately with my group for a while, but I decided to release it as I think it reached a passable level of quality. So any feedback, positive or negative, will be greatly appreciated!


This mod adds various injury sound effects to Arma 3 such as screams, blood gurgles, etc, from games such as Battlefield 3/4/1/5, Red Orchestra 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The mod will play the corresponding sound depending on the injury that a soldier receives. For example, a soldier getting hit will play a lower pitched scream or grunt while emitting a higher pitched shriek when killed. Afterwards, the soldier may have "death rattle" noises such as blood gurgling if he was shot in the neck or intense panicked screaming if hit in the stomach. There are also variants which play indoors with reverb, or outdoors with a light echo.

The mod is also MP compatible and signed, so all players will hear the exact same sound as all work is handled serverside and then broadcast to the clients.

There are over 400 individual sounds included in the mod, with many more planned to be added in subsequent updates. However, the mod is still highly work in progress so it might not work 100% perfectly and the death rattles have no indoor variations quite yet.


This mod now supports the CBA addon options menu with many customizable settings! These are unique to each client so every player can tailor the mod to his or her tastes.

Access these new options by going to Options -> Addon Options -> SSD Death Screams. Be sure to press OK to save your new settings!

If you wish to disable hit reactions from specific units you can use (this setVariable ["SSD_disabledSounds", true]) in their init field.


If being used on a server, be it hosted or dedicated, the server must have the mod installed and enabled in addition to all clients, otherwise the sounds may not play at all.

Known Issues:

  • There is currently some unpredictable behavior while using ACE due to it messing with the "HitPart" event handler and detecting whether a unit has died or not. I am currently investigating some workarounds.

  • Screams from being burnt by a wreck or other fire sources are currently disabled due to some issues I've run into, but I will try to have them working eventually.


This mod is inspired by Froggyluv's "FrogScreams" addon which can be found at:
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waystin2 Oct 16 @ 6:39am 
The squad loves this mod! AHHHHHGRGLEGRTZzzzzz LOL
Reticuli Sep 5 @ 8:02am 
Sounds promising. Missing PiR-nonAce version's sounds and a lot of other stuff, but the other stuff messes up Ace.
The Word-Mule Jul 9 @ 12:24am 
Well done, adds a lot to the atmosphere.
Kuzeno Jul 2 @ 6:59am 
Awesome man I love this mod!
ggazso  [author] Jul 1 @ 5:31pm 
@Kuzeno They work albeit inconsistently because of the way ACE handles unit damage. I already have a working solution in mind to make it work reliably 100% of the time, but I unfortunately haven't had time to work on the mod. That and a few other improvements will make it into the next update once I get a chance to put it together.
Kuzeno Jun 29 @ 6:48pm 
anyway to get death rattles to work while in the unconscious ace state?
ggazso  [author] May 27 @ 7:20am 
@Beagle No problem at all! Glad you like the mod! :)
Beagle May 27 @ 6:41am 
Whew, that's awesome! Glad to hear it, thanks!
ggazso  [author] May 27 @ 5:25am 
@Beagle It's definitely possible. I'll most likely add it in next time I get a chance to work on it
Beagle May 26 @ 8:02pm 
This is a *great* mod, I agree with you that combat feels so strangely quiet without it. Popped this on and this was definitely what was missing.

One ask - the longer death rattles are interesting but it'd be nice to be able to silence them by shooting the groaning body again, if that makes sense? Is that something that's technically feasible or just a limitation of the mod?