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More Historical Divisions (Military History Visualized)
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Jun 21, 2016 @ 10:06am
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More Historical Divisions (Military History Visualized)

Check out my new mod War in 33:


Those Looking for a chopped down version of this mod with just the division structures can find it here:


Added the much requested 1936 scenario Version see 1.5 Below

Updated for version 1.1

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special thanks to:

Military History Visualized

For making a detailed video on what Hearts of Iron 4 divisions would look like if they were historical.


This mod starts the following nations off with more historical division structures the 1939 scenario:

New Zeeland
People’s Republic of China
British Raj
South Africa
Soviet Union
United States

It implements all of the infantry division structures listed in the above video. I have also taken a stab at creating more historically accurate armour, mountain, motorized and marine divisions (try not to laugh to much :)).

There are also templates for later war divisions included which are intended to serve as a guide for players wanting to evolve their divisions in historically accurate ways.

As the AI ,at present, does not update it's divisions maybe it will also build these as well.
The 1936 scenario remains unaltered. Furthermore, a number a nations were given additional tech to better represent their technology levels in 1939 and to allow for the above division structures to exist.

Game mechanic Change:

Due to the fact that many armoured divisions included towed guns in the T.O.Es I have increased the based speed of towed guns to 10 (2 less than motorized units)

Navel Invasions have been severly reduced to 1 Division with Transports, 2 with landing craft and 3 with tank transports. (During the largest Navel invasion in history the Americans landed only 3 divisions).


Sorry for the repost, a desync error was prohibitting me from updating the files in this mod

Version 1.1


Fixed bug that prevented Raj units from spawning
Fixed bug that would cause a CTD whenever play tried to edit British motorized units.

Version 1.2

Gave US Tracks

Added Poland
Added Finland

Historical Changes:

Gave germans halftracks - started producing them in 1939
SS units are now mechanized
1st and 2nd Canadian Divisons are veterans
New Zeeland now has a full sized division template
Dramatically decreased the supply available to italian divisons - The Italian army started the war vastly under supplied
Increased the starting supply of British units - Britian entered the war with a small well tarianed and well EQUIPED army
There is now very little chance that Spain will join the war.

Version 1.3

- I have lowered the production costs of half tracks

During WW2 A Panzer IIC cast about $20,000 and an R35 cost about $37,000 while a german medium half track only cost about $10,000.


Given that trucks are 2.5 IC, and light tanks are around 8 IC. I reduced the base cost of half tracks 4 IC as this is significantly more expensive than a truck and half the cost of a light tank. Proceedind models will cost one IC more

- Throughout the war, older models generally got MORE reliable the longer they were produced, and it was the newest models that were the least reliable, it really doesn't make sense that a fully upgraded vehicle with 5s in EVERY category should have a reliability of only 40%

If ANYTHING it should be that new designs START OFF with low reliability and can be upgraded to greater and greater amounts of reliability as the vehicle is slowly made better with experience.

Given this, I have doubled the bonus for each reliability upgrade.

Furthermore, to account for the long string of varients of particular models produced during the war, (Panzer 4 went to H and there were more than 20 models of spitfire) I have incresed the number of upgrades available in each category to 10.

- Removed the penalty for changing battlion types. This will allow you to upgrade your infantry to motorized or mechanized without any experience loss.

- Dramatically increased the penalties for bad weather and extreame enviroment. Mud will now stop and enemy in it's tracks, Blizzards and storms will all but rmove air cover and Russian winter is now truely nasty buisness.

Version 1.4

Game mechanic Change:

Navel Invasions have been severly reduced to 1 Division with Transports, 2 with landing craft and 3 with tank transports. (During the largest Navel invasion in history the Americans landed only 3 divisions).

Historical Changes:

Vichy France will now gain control over French North African territories

The width of the North African front has been restricted; creating a more realistic north African campaign

(Special Thanks to No man's land MOD for helping me figure out how to do this)

Version 1.4 AI Historical AI improvements

Historical Germany can now start the war on time, and still go after Denmark

Historical Germany will now wait till spring to invade France

Historical Italy will now wait till early June to enter the war.

Historical Italy and Germany will now go after Yugoslavia and Greece before invading Russia.

Germany is now more Likely to Invade Russia in June 1941.

*****Version 1.5 1936 Scenario*****

Add the historical templates to the 1936 scenario. Required a number of other changes to rebalance the game

German AI really struggled with the templates in play so I gave Germany a 100% boost to planning speed and planning strength. This allows the AI the act more quickly and decisively when it comes to launching assaults and lets the German AI preform about as well has its historical counterpart. Humans playing German may want to play in Veteran mode in order to reduce this buff. Buffed Japan’s land warfare abilities. It now beats china about 50% of the time.

There is a real problem with Allied AI’s being able to dump large amounts of units onto coastlines all over Europe. I have introduced the following nerfs in order to bring this down.

- Infantry/motorized/mechanized units now have more transport weight
- Nations now start off with less convoys and they take longer to build
- Convoy transport speed has been reduced by half.

AI changes:

German, Italian and Japanese historical AIs now act more historically. Completing significant actions around when they did historically.

Nationalist Spain is now far more likely to win the Spanish civil war.

**********Version 1.6******

- Fixed a lot of bugs caused by the last patch. The mod should now be fully bug free

- Created a stripped down version with only the division structure and the fast towed guns implemented. You can

Find that mod here:


Implemented Military History Visualized recommended new division structure


- Removed the bonus to planning power that I earlier gave Germany. They keep the speed which should allow the
German AI to act more quickly while conquering.

- Increased the number of countries with enhanced division structures.
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