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Miscellaneous 'CORE'
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Jun 15, 2016 @ 8:18am
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Miscellaneous 'CORE'

*** This mod contains various core functions for other Miscellaneous parts. ***
*** It must be loaded before the other parts! ***

The following video shows all that Miscellaneous can add to your game:
Miscellaneous Showcase by Soapie Plays

It also comes with the following functions/items:

-Colonist Keys: Place/Group
This allows you to use the keys 6, 7, 8, 9 to create teams
The key 0 releases all drafted colonists
(Note: This needs a new colony to work; the keys can be reconfigured)

Some brain implants to enhance your colonists
(an idea from 'Old Mans War')

The source code for all Miscellaneous mods can be found on my GitHub:
Miscellaneous Source[github.com]

(Version: 1.5.0)

Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese

Thanks to duduluu for the Chinese translation
Thanks to fox_kirya and Well for the Russian translation

The latein american translation by CANALETA can be found here.

Detailed Description: Keybinding:

The keys 6, 7, 8, 9 can be used to define where colonists should go to.
Use them like this: Draft all the colonists you want to set the positions for and position them.
Now press SHIFT+7 (for group 7) and the positions of your drafted colonists will be saved.
To recall the positions just press 7. All this can be done for the keys 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Key 0 has another function:
Once you press it, all your drafted colonists, who don't have an active job, will be undrafted.
Press SHIFT+0 to switch the recall mode between POSITION and GROUP.
Another key is the F1 key. If you press it, you will jump to a random position inside your home zone.

You can rebind the keys to your own desire with the normal keybinding options.
Protean May 23 @ 9:19pm 
he did it, no more error
very grateful
道林灰猫 May 11 @ 9:17am 
I am grateful waiting and thanks for you work.
RogueCmdr May 10 @ 6:00pm 
any luck with 1.5
Vakaria May 5 @ 10:24am 
Thank you for continuing to update! Looking forward to 1.5 . Great mod!
Solarius Scorch Apr 26 @ 12:37am 
Same! :)
Papito Apr 21 @ 8:44am 
Looking forward to 1.5 update!
Six Apr 15 @ 2:58pm 
Your mod is appreciated! Looking forward to 1.5 update :)
The Gunslinger Apr 13 @ 12:08pm 
Haplo_X1  [author] Apr 10 @ 1:05pm 
Yes, but slowly. One mod after the other, whenever I find some time :)
allbad Apr 8 @ 9:43am 
Hi @Haplo_X1 any chance for 1.5 update?