Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Soviet 9-story panel block. 1-464LI-52. 2-sc RR
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Jun 10, 2016 @ 8:25am
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Soviet 9-story panel block. 1-464LI-52. 2-sc RR

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PALiX's 1-464-LI series buildings (+extra 1-3905)
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Soviet 9-story panel block. 1-464LI-52. 2-sc RR

Asset name: Sov blok 1-464LI-52_9fl_2-SC_RR

This is a 9-story soviet style panel block of 1-464LI-52 series (built in Lithuanian SSR, ..LI-52 most common in Vilnius)
2-sc - two staircases
RR - Red side blocks + Red balconies

Ploppable RICO is a dependency addon!! It is a must have in order to make this building work as residential building, otherwise it will be an Unique Building with hardly any functionality.

Model and RICO settings info:
Main model: 5478 tris; 1024x1024 textures (d, i, n, s)
LOD model: 76 tris. 256x256 textures (d, i, s)
6x5 lot size
High Residential
24 households
*NOTE* if you use Realistic Population and Consumption mod, number of households value will be different.

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