Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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More Division Icons
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Jun 8, 2016 @ 5:36am
Mar 9 @ 11:34am
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More Division Icons

This mod expands the selection of division icons.

- makes all unit icons available as division icons
- adds a few new icons

This mod requires the free Anniversary Pack DLC to be activated.
Otherwise the Icons will not show up.

Ironman compatible
Can be removed savely without breaking savegames. Custom icons will be replaced by standard icons.
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chiefmaster44 Oct 9 @ 6:34pm 
Can i still get achievements with this mod?
RunsOnDiesel Sep 29 @ 1:12pm 
@Aurel can you please update? love this, and want more icons. bear icons, turtle icons, lightning bolts, more eagle icons etc etc.
[4T-04]migraainejr Sep 28 @ 9:51pm 
Can you help me? This breaks my division icons. It sets everyone elses icons to weird MPU style icons, and it also defaults mine to them. When i try to unload the mod, it breaks the game.
Maltesefalcon Sep 28 @ 2:08am 

Any chance I could use any of these icons for my mod?
Full credits will be given
Sir Celsius Sep 14 @ 3:08pm 
love it, hopefully you add some more in the future
СУКАTACO Sep 4 @ 1:36am 
Would it be possible to add the NATO icons? I personally enjoy using them, but sometimes the game likes to automatically change the icon to something incorrect, e.g. my tank divisions showing as mechanised or vice versa. Thanks for your work!
Jasiurrr Aug 30 @ 11:33am 
i'm waiting for more icons! ^^
Soul0 Aug 20 @ 9:55pm 
You would need a a drawing program that can make .dds (.tga might work as well). "Paint.net" does both as I recall.
And something for editing code "Notepad++" works perfectly.

Good luck.
Nade Aug 17 @ 6:38pm 
i have a question the unit icons are the same default vanilla icons only the division icons are new
Stavian Aug 16 @ 12:03pm 
Great mod thank you! I was wondering what tool you used to create them? I would like to make some icons that match the Italian Tanks as well as make one for motorized artillery but am unsure were to start. Any advice would be gladly appreciated!