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NIArms AK Rifles
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NIArms AK Rifles

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The Kalashnikov family of rifles have a long-standing legacy in firearms . What started in 1945 as an effort to supplant the Mosin-Nagant in soviet infantry service resulted in one of the most prolific bloodlines of semi-automatic rifles in history. Within this AK pack you'll find a broad selection from the family history and role-defining variations, starting with the original milled receiver AK47 an going through to the coming of age in the AK12. To augment the suite, a selection of optical and muzzle attachments are at your disposal. This is not an exhaustive pack, but it should cover enough roles and variants to suit most needs from a practical standpoint.

HLC_AK_ammobox - Ammo box containing all this.
hlc_rifle_ak74 - AK74
hlc_rifle_ak74_MTK - AK74 with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_ak74_dirty - AK74, Worn
hlc_rifle_ak74_dirty2 - AK74, Worn
hlc_rifle_aks74 - AKS74
hlc_rifle_aks74_MTK - AKS74 with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_aks74u - AKS74U
hlc_rifle_aks74u_MTK - AKS74U with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_ak47 - AK47
hlc_rifle_akm - AKM
hlc_rifle_akm_MTK - AK47 with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_rpk - RPK
hlc_rifle_ak12 - AK12
hlc_rifle_aku12 - AK12U
hlc_rifle_rpk12 - RPK12
hlc_rifle_rpk74n - RPK74N
hlc_rifle_ak12gl - AK12+GP30
hlc_rifle_akmgl - AKM+GP25
hlc_rifle_aks74_GL - AKS74+GP30 (Export Variant)
hlc_rifle_saiga12k - Saiga12K Shotgun
hlc_rifle_aek971 - ZID AEK971S
hlc_rifle_aek971 - ZID AEK971S, Worn (Textuere variant)
hlc_rifle_aek971_mtk - ZID AEK971S, with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_RK62 - Valmet Rk.62
hlc_rifle_slr107u - Arsenal Inc. SLR107U (Izhmash AKM Reciever on Bulgarian Parts)
hlc_rifle_slr107u_MTK - Arsenal Inc. SLR107U with MTK83 Picatinny Mount
hlc_rifle_ak74m - AK74M
hlc_rifle_ak74m_gl - AK74M+GP30
hlc_rifle_ak74m_MTK - AK74M with MTK83 Picatinny Mount

HLC_Optic_PSO1 - PSO1 Sniper Optic
HLC_Optic_1p29 - 1P29 Rifle Combat Optic
hlc_muzzle_545SUP_AK - PBS4 Suppressor (5.45x39)
hlc_muzzle_762SUP_AK - PBS1 Suppressor (7.62x39)
hlc_optic_kobra - Kobra Collimator Sight
hlc_optic_goshawk - Goshawk Thermal Sight
hlc_30Rnd_545x39_B_AK - 30 Round magazine of 5.45x39mm Ball Rounds (i.e, standard bullets)
hlc_30Rnd_545x39_T_AK - 30 Round magazine of 5.45x39mm Tracer Rounds
hlc_30Rnd_545x39_EP_AK - 30 Round magazine of 5.45x39mm Enhanced Performance Rounds
hlc_45Rnd_545x39_t_rpk - 45 Round magazine of 5.45x39mm Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 2 Standard Ball rounds
hlc_60Rnd_545x39_t_rpk - 60 Round magazine of 5.45x39mm Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 2 Standard Ball rounds
hlc_30Rnd_762x39_b_ak - 30 Round magazine of 7.62x39mm Ball Rounds (i.e, standard bullets)
hlc_30Rnd_762x39_t_ak - 30 Round magazine of 7.62x39mm Tracer Rounds
hlc_45Rnd_762x39_t_rpk - 45 Round magazine of 7.62x39mm Tracer Rounds
hlc_45Rnd_762x39_m_rpk - 45 Round magazine of 7.62x39mm Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 2 Standard Ball rounds
hlc_75rnd_762x39_m_rpk - 75 Round magazine of 7.62x39mm Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 2 Standard Ball rounds
hlc_10rnd_12g_buck_S12 - 10 Round magazine of 12 Gauge 00-Buckshot rounds (dev note- Due to the way BIS implemented shotguns, buckshot tends to be an absolute building destroyer.)
hlc_10rnd_12g_slug_S12 - 10 Round magazine of 12 Gauge Solid Slug rounds
hlc_VOG25_AK - HE Round for the GP25 and GP30
hlc_GRD_White - Smoke Rounds for the GP25 and GP30
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