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NPC Bush People V6.848
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Apr 10, 2016 @ 6:57pm
Sep 6 @ 1:22pm
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NPC Bush People V6.848

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NPC Bush Peoples Development Server
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Sep 20 @ 4:02pm
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help with population control
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JuanCarlos 8 hours ago 
I just here to Up Vote and say that I hope we get back the features from the old Bush People, Bases, Non-Primitive, Siege, etc. :)
DrakeBD  [author] 13 hours ago 
@AnubisWolf NPC level spawning is handled by the server side and your max dino level and difficulty but we will be adding new features to the GUS in time to allow more customization
AnubisWolf 14 hours ago 
@DrakeBD Will there be a wall to specify the Min and Max levels that the Bush people spawn in at? A level 363 NPC Leader spawned in and punched a level 50 Bronto to death, I don't want that to be possible. Also, are there GUS.ini settings for all of the different NPC types? The description only shows 3.
Haunted Jack 17 hours ago 
What the FUCK does this mod do?

"This mod adds wild tameable humanoid mobs to your ark."

So obviously it adds human NPC's to the game but is that it? Do these NPC's build bases? Do they tame dino's? Do they use weapons? What benefits does "taming" humans have? Do they attack your own base?

Seriously this mod has my interest but your description is pretty piss poor.
JOSHUA! Sep 24 @ 2:13am 
How come the map location is wrong? When I was on the shore it said that I was in the middle of the sea next to a few raft NPCS? Then I decided to go to the coords of a nearby NPC base and it only had a few cannons and that's it. Question is, why isn't there any bases? and what happened to the notification when the tribe enters like flags and country names. When I spawn a base, it always has a chinese flag on it and same structure.. any fixes or installation problems?
PuffyDragonair Sep 23 @ 12:07pm 
Any reason after a server rollback bush people arent building bases? Its been 8 hours since rollback and still nothing Im spawning bush people in but they arent building anything.
asesino290 Sep 22 @ 9:12pm 
equusknights are to OP. One of them killed my rex lvl 30 (and killing me afterwards) without even getting bloody.
It dosen´t help that the archers use fire arrows that kill you even when using full metal armor.
Don´t get me wrong, this mod has given more enjoyment for my singleplayer i really love this mod but sometimes it makes me salty by this type of things
Blackbird Sep 21 @ 12:19pm 
Why do the Buschpeople and their creations do not have any plausibility and physics
bindet, like the normal player has.
They appear up in the air abouve your base. Their Bases do not fall together and crash like ours.
you brake the pillars and everything else get stuck up in the air. Also their building speed does not make any sense and logik.
DrakeBD  [author] Sep 21 @ 3:46am 
@Enverex The mod description will be getting an overhall very soon and them servers are the official NPC Bush People Servers.
Enverex Sep 20 @ 4:11pm 
Why does the mod description contain no information about the actual mod, just an advert for some people's server?