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NPC Bush People
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10 апр. 2016 в 18:57
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NPC Bush People

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This mod adds wild tame-able NPC's to your Ark.


Abberation users need to place the spawner statue:
Cheats cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/BushPeople/PrimalEarthNPC/Items/PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner.PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner" 1 0 0 false


ID 663332507

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3 фев в 10:07
Mod has updated!
Vocal Tune
17 фев в 12:31
ЗАКРЕПЛЕНО: Servers Running This mod
Vocal Tune
30 янв в 20:41
taming bush people.
Jonas the boneless
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Rage Kage 20 фев в 17:11 
Im very interested in thos mod as it is pretty much what I want to add to this game. However I am curious about the developers deliverables and how / when they are planning on reaching each milestone. Please keep up the good work, I look forward to checking this out in a later more complete date!
SweetJustice 18 20 фев в 13:00 
Do i need the Map Extention Base Mod to let them build bases ? or do they build them naturally ?
Josey Wales 18 фев в 16:39 
So I spawned a npc base using the add on base mod. after destroying everything there is still the spawn baliista and the skull in the sky. How do you remove these and or will the base rebuild itself again? so far not? These bases are much better than the older npc ones but we need more instruction on how to work this.
vanbushi 18 фев в 12:13 
@☢☠Delta-19☠☢ I guess you have a hard time posting in the correct thread on every mod. Post your server in the "Servers Running This mod" section.
Virgil 17 фев в 19:24 
Anyway to change the hair style or skin color?
☢☠Delta-19☠☢ 17 фев в 8:32 
New server using this Mod
Easy CompanyPVP/PVE NoAdminWillBanYou
jumpingbadger.vmf214 16 фев в 19:07 
why are they only wearing green shirts and hats?
=(e)= Zee 15 фев в 8:41 
does anyone know if on a pve server you can still raid their base's or not?
BloodAndSteel 15 фев в 0:24 
Downloaded this yesterday. spawned some.. they were fully armed and aggressive. is there a good guide anywhere? I wanted them to be neutral and native/prehistoric atributes
DaSeaCow 13 фев в 20:31 
is this mod abandoned?