ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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NPC Bush People V7.11
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NPC Bush People V7.11

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Test Server 1

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18 de Nov às 19:21
AFIXADO: Instructions
14 de Out às 12:55
AFIXADO: Post Crash Reports
12 de Nov às 21:04
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2,224 comentários
Araragi Há 1 hora 
Tried this but, it gives me a nude character and it gives me no options or anything to twink the base building, the population etc.
Fogl Há 17 horas 
Fogl Há 17 horas 
The game crash, when parashuters attack and buils base. I play SP, Ragnarok
DizWon Há 18 horas 
to deactivate something use "-1" in gus.ini.... "0" don`t deactivate anything ^^
black sceleton Há 19 horas 
why eny npc en nude?
hogg Há 20 horas 
How do you get an NPC Heart to repair the armour?
Polo Panzani Há 20 horas 
ello :)

i tried to set everything to 0 so that the npc do not spawn on the map but there are still some .. i would like the only ones to be the ones I made spawn..

how to do ?
DizWon Há 20 horas 
Mod causes high ping, had to inactivate it :(
mooh837 18 de Nov às 10:58 
tout fonctionne tres bien , cependant leurs déplacement doit êtres corrigé , ce n'est pas fluide , ils se téléporte , et il sserais sympa qu'ils aient des armes pour se battre , que a mains nu c'est trop facile ^^
Nixtut 18 de Nov às 10:49 
I've tried this mod 20 times now at various points.
It doesn't work as I want it to and I followed your instructions.

I don't want bases, I don't want mounted cavalry, I don't want undead things or whatever.
I don't want parachutes, and I could change none of it.

Is there an .ini, game or gameusersettings that I don't know about or something besides what's on the page to control population?