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NPC Bush People
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NPC Bush People

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This mod adds wild tame-able NPC's to your Ark.

Abberation users need to place the spawner statue:
Cheats cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/BushPeople/PrimalEarthNPC/Items/PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner.PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner" 1 0 0 false



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16 de jan às 14:36
Mod has updated!
Vocal Tune
há 21 horas
FIXADA: Servers Running This mod
Vocal Tune
12 de jan às 23:38
Cannot pick up bush people with dinos
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K. & C. há 22 horas 
also crashes my game RIP me xD
K. & C. há 23 horas 
so do the bush people only spawn at the statue? just curious or do they spawn every where?
Reaper 16 de jan às 15:22 
Base buiklding has been moved to another mod see above. ^
CloudyWKush 15 de jan às 19:42 
The base mod spawns in only female fighters with no weapons.
TheSilverShroud2018 15 de jan às 18:41 
how do i tame one of this?
joykidd12 15 de jan às 14:51 
This mod is not working for me. I cant find any bush people. I'm on Rag map. Someone have any suggestions or the same problem?
Therbis 14 de jan às 7:04 
Can someone tell me what the stuff like npc leg and skins are for? :o
♛ KROWN ♛ 13 de jan às 18:49 
Anyone know how to change the NPC speed? They are all running around at 320 speed. I want some to casually walk about in my castle.
Zizzybob™ 13 de jan às 12:02 
is this mod abandoned?
123 13 de jan às 11:35 
does the npc ppl build bases?