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PBEM & Single player Balance Mod 1.31
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Apr 8, 2016 @ 12:07pm
Apr 24, 2021 @ 3:07pm
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PBEM & Single player Balance Mod 1.31

1.31 version was released!

1.3 Changelog

What is the PBEM & Single player balance mod?
The PBEM & Single player balance mod aims to balance the game for PBEM and single play, that is to say to make it possible for any combination of class/race/specialisations chosen to win a match if good strategic and tactical choices are made during the match. In PBEM games, it is a must-have to avoid one-sided games, and in single play, it significantly increases the fun of games through both balancing and the addition of synergistic abilities for some units (like Engineers and Halfling Brew Brothers). The mod is mainly coded and coordinated by Zaskow and Hiliadan (and in the past cbower).
The mod has been developed with the AoW3’s community and changes are integrated only after a consensus is reached regarding their need. It is thus a real community mod and not a mod based on the opinion of its developers. Changes that do not achieve their initial aims are edited or removed and the mod has already been through many iterations over more than a year.

Why PBEM players and single players should use the balance mod?
Triumph stated that they are happy with the current balance of the game. Its latest official patch, v1.8, brings only a handful of balance changes and mainly focuses on bug fixing. It is thus now the job of the community and of this mod to balance the game!

The game suffers from several big imbalances that the mod corrects:

– Necromancers can win games in 10-20 turns by reanimating Death Bringers and Titans and Ghoul Cursing all the units of the maps with 100% chances of success thanks to Inflict Despair
Illustration of why Necro is OP – Round 5 of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament – Necromancer Draconian mirror match

– XP farming is encouraged in the official version because touch abilities (Touch of Faith, etc.) provide XP whenever they are used and the limits of XP each unit can yield when it is hit is too high, meaning that players have huge incentives to stall fights to use all their touch abilities and to limit damages caused to enemy units to harvest as much XP as possible from these units (see also the videos above)

– Mind control strategies are too strong and can be used too early and production/summoning strategies can’t compete

– Slayer’s Doubt and Stiffen Limbs last until the End of Battle, making high-level sites very easy to clear in early game

– Dreadnought and Halflings are too slow and too weak respectively making them uncompetitive

– And many more smaller issues

The balance mod pays attention not to bring changes that can reduce the fun for single players. Using the mod thus brings you the benefits of a more fulfilling game without any drawbacks. The mod also brings many new interesting synergies and uses to weak units (Dreadnought's Engineers can now build Roads and have an improved Flash Bomb; Halfling Brew Brothers provide Bolster when they use Fortifying Meal and synergize with Halfling Farmers by allowing them to re-use Throw Chicken) and weak specializations (all elemental spec have been boosted, e.g. Domain of the Sun now gives +1 fire damage). Cf. the screenshots.

Simple changelog - and full detailed changelog (dedicated GoogleDoc):

Feedback welcome to further improve balance!
This mod contains 2 visual mods (with permission of their authors): Racial Class Unit Reskin by Tibbles and Racial Watchtowers by iHunterKiller.

--- To go further ---
Bug reporting: on Paradox official forums: or by commenting here on the Workshop
Balance discussion:
News on the latest versions of the balance mod on the AoW3 community website, the Battlefield, in the news section:
Summary of all the proposed changes and opinions of the community:

--- Beta Branch ---
This mod is the "Main Branch" of the balance mod, i.e. the stable version we recommend for most users. A Beta Branch is used to test the latest changes before bringing them to the Main Branch, and is updated more often:

Great thanks to Tibbles for our nice logo!!!
Great thanks to SfH|ExileFromHeaven and Larik.частица.света for Russian localization!!!
Great thanks to Badok for Polish localization!!!
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Dark Efreet May 17 @ 4:20pm 
Remove, pls, ability of the trick in PBEM to get immortal enemy units through using chant spell.

(The ability to get up to 4 phoenix ghouls for 40-80 CP from a ziggurat is a 100 % bug and not cool.)
Narn Jan 29 @ 6:53pm 
Going to give it a hard pass. I read through the mod list of changes and the way they went about changing them. If you read through the chronological list of changes you see a downward trend to changing too much. It seems it started out with trying to make some minor balance tweaks but it ended up doing a complete overhaul of the game. They want to make every unit identical and I think that is lame. Not really my thing. A good player can deal with imbalance. Bad players want everyone to start the same like its a game of football or something. Real life warfare is not balanced, deal with it.
pipo.p Oct 24, 2023 @ 5:19am 
@Kornstalx Presentation-wise (not using an uppercase for every word), wouldn't "Clear Rapids" be satisfactory? As for the meaning, according to my online dictionary (Linguee by DeepL), it is standard Canadian English (at min): "to pass rapids and falls", "powerful currents, and high standing waves, making rapids too difficult to run", "There are rapids where I live in Fort Fitzgerald", etc.
Kornstalx Aug 8, 2023 @ 5:48pm 
I installed this after reading so much accolade about it, and the first thing I see on a new game is a spellbook with an entry using lowercase and a silly name. Something as simple as presentation like that should be of paramount importance -- especially things new players will see instantly.

Rename that thing to "Clear River" and fix the casing.
CookieMagic May 30, 2023 @ 2:48pm 
Can someone decrease the morale penalty from unlit/lit unity beacon? It is too annoying on large map with many opponents....
Ш.У.Т May 10, 2023 @ 4:43am 
А перевод от Project {LINK REMOVED} работает с версией 1.31?
Storm7 Feb 8, 2023 @ 2:31pm 
Is this mod stopping arcane binding from working? My heroes can select it (spend points on it), but it doesn't show up under their list of skills or in combat.
Weisshexe Jan 13, 2023 @ 12:24pm 
@s_oregan: Thanks.
Tartan Kane Dec 30, 2022 @ 3:08pm 
@Blackdragonhole In the game launcher there is a tab for User Content. You can enable the mod in there.
Weisshexe Dec 30, 2022 @ 12:46am 
I subscribed to the mod, but nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?