ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Enter the world of Shigoislands with isles full of breathtaking mountain chains and vertiginous cliffed coasts. Explore the vast wilderness of the five islands where there is more than enough space to build up you're new home, from a modest thatch village to a legendary metal fortress. Or is it an adventure you're looking for? Then do not hesitate to face the deep cold of the northern winterlands on Sunato-island or the dangerous heat of the southern desert on Arashi-island. Struggle through forests, swamps, jungles, caves and underwater lairs where some of the most exotive dinosaurs are waiting to be tamed (or defeated) by you. Collect resources of all types to gain experience and build up you're realm in a whole new ARK-experience.
Shigoislands awaits you!

Want to play Primitiv ?
Use this Comands in the GameUserSettings:
Ark=1 {hides the Obelisks}
Drop=1 {change Supplydrops to DodoDrops}

Short Facts
  • 40% Bigger than TheIsland
  • Biomes: Grassland, Jungle, Swamp, Snow, Redwood and Desert
  • Custom Weather
  • All Ressources
  • All 10 Artifacts
  • 3 Boss Arenas: Broodmother, Gorilla and Dragon
  • Tek Cave and Finalboss
  • All TheIsland Dinos (no Yeti)
  • Most of SE Dinos (No Death Worm and Golem)
  • 6 Caves + 8 small Underwater Caves
  • 2 Custom Supply Drops - Orange Lvl 70 (Skins) - Black Lvl 90 (Armour+Weapons)

Feedback & Bugreport
Shigoislands Discord[]

Questions and support
For more questions, longer discriptions or bugs visit me at:
Exilog Support Forum[]
Special thanks to

Shigoislands Wiki[]
Shigoislands Resource Map[]
Shigoislands Explorer Map[]


Want to support me?
I spend countless hours in the devkit to make this map and i work mostly everyday on my map and my other mods to make them better. If you want to support me I will be very happy.
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BISONWARP 17 hours ago 
Why haven´t you added Deathworms and Golems?
Lobreeze Nov 16 @ 6:05am 
Yeah I saw that after some digging, Thanks!

Adding this map to my cluster tomorrow, looking forward to it.
Kham Nov 15 @ 9:17pm 
@Lobreeze yes you can. Go to the bottom of your GameUserSettings.ini for the server and add this
Lobreeze Nov 15 @ 8:38pm 
Is it possible to disable the custom loot drops?
Xiuhtecuhtli Nov 12 @ 11:38am 
Ok, thanks what about creatures, ie: reapers, bulb dogs, rock drakes...
Exilog  [author] Nov 12 @ 1:12am 
I have no idea if i will be able to add the engrams but at least i will add the ressources so you can craft the stuff learned on Aberration
Xiuhtecuhtli Nov 11 @ 3:54pm 
Do you plan to add in an aberation biome after aberation gets released?
Exilog  [author] Nov 11 @ 3:22am 
@strelok Thanks ^^
strelok Nov 10 @ 6:09am 
Карта хорошая и Тек пещера есть !
strelok Nov 10 @ 6:07am 
Exilog спасибо за исправление !