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Mar 18, 2016 @ 1:49pm
Feb 17 @ 12:37pm
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Hey Guys,

this is an Exile Mod to get some structures from Arma 3 to build on your very own Terrain.
This is a Key signed Mod.

Please if you have any Ideas or wishes, just let me know :)

if you want to support me: click here[]

List of charges needed to destroy anything inside EBM: click here V0.3.4[]


Huge Container: 20.000
Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000
Icebox: 1.500
Shelf 1: 4.000
Shelf: 3.000
Land Container Green: 15.000
Hangar: 40.000
Ammobox: 7.000
Tentdome: 1.000
Land Container Sand Small: 13.500
Cargo container Small: 6500
Garbage Container: 8500
Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500
Suitcase: 1250
Ammo Box: 750
Woodenshelves: 2000
Metalcase: 2500
Fridge: 2000
Tool Trolleys: 2500
Microwave: 200
Suitcase: 1250
Ammobox rounds: 750
Plasticcase: 2000
EBM Airhook: 5000
Medikit: 5000
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Zarbon 神
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【︎El' Rabito】 Jul 24 @ 11:03am 
Das EBM_Backpack_dev ist buggy, hat man es ausgerüstet und logged sich aus hat man probleme beim einloggen. Und im Virtuellen Arsenal macht es auch ziemliche probleme.

Kauft man es beim trader schießt es den komplettten server ab ! Das gleiche wenn man ihn über Infistar spawned. Am besten rausnehmen, so macht das keinen sinn !
xente Jun 13 @ 3:29pm 
is there anywhere where i can look at the recipes? because in game it doesnt work (at least on the server where im playing) and it would be great if someone made a list or somenthing like that. also keep it up with the mod, great work!
Mr. Groove Jun 8 @ 1:11pm 
EBM Airhook: Hi Freaklein. Wouldn't it be great that if u buy the Airhook that it creates the possibility for every helicopter to hook up crates, cars etc.
Freakylein  [author] Jun 5 @ 1:21am 
Nope. It is intended for Exile Servers
vdub56 Jun 2 @ 6:19pm 
Does this mod work on a scenario (not a server) that does not have the exile mod?
Mr. Groove Jun 2 @ 9:49am 
That is exactly what i am doung but it does not work.
Freakylein  [author] Jun 1 @ 10:37am 
you need to drop them out of the inventory to the ground and then aim on the crate, then you can activate them
Mr. Groove Jun 1 @ 5:53am 
Great mod Freaklein, but, how do i get these damn Crowsfeet to work? No option to activate them.,,,,,
Freakylein  [author] May 23 @ 9:53am 
no, this mod is a multiplayeraddon for exile
MrAlbi May 23 @ 7:44am 
Hey! This mod works in single player?