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Mar 18, 2016 @ 1:49pm
Jul 28, 2019 @ 7:12am
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Hey Guys,

Here is the Link to the official french translation of it:
have fun ;)

this is an Exile Mod to get some structures from Arma 3 to build on your very own Terrain.
This is a Key signed Mod.

Please if you have any Ideas or wishes, just let me know :)

if you want to support me: click here[]

old version 0.3.4 : click here V0.3.4[]


Huge Container: 20.000
Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000
Icebox: 1.500
Shelf 1: 4.000
Shelf: 3.000
Land Container Green: 15.000
Hangar: 40.000
Ammobox: 7.000
Tentdome: 1.000
Land Container Sand Small: 13.500
Cargo container Small: 6500
Garbage Container: 8500
Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500
Suitcase: 1250
Ammo Box: 750
Woodenshelves: 2000
Metalcase: 2500
Fridge: 2000
Tool Trolleys: 2500
Microwave: 200
Suitcase: 1250
Ammobox rounds: 750
Plasticcase: 2000
EBM Airhook: 5000
Medikit: 5000

WDL: 450
DEV: 1000
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Wishes of the community / Wünsche der Community
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Madara23Q Aug 25, 2022 @ 5:02am 
One question about the Containers like huge container... How to raid them??
Valice Jun 27, 2022 @ 5:55am 
Is there a way to have the normal Arma HUD, instead of the one from this Mod?
Tte Lobo Solitario [GOC] Mar 22, 2022 @ 5:47am 
Hola algjnas no funcioname gustaria cotribuir como hace los mods
𝕊𝔾𝕋 𝕊𝕄𝔸𝕊ℍ Feb 23, 2022 @ 5:21pm 
These two buildings and probably others used int he mod don't spawn loot due to mod, is there a fix for this?
DRACUS Feb 21, 2022 @ 12:27pm 
We are using your mod and we find a problem 3 houses in all terrain of ALTIS are indestructible.


Land_i_House_Big_01_V1_F []
Land_i_House_Big_01_V2_F []
Land_i_House_Big_01_V3_F []

Is there a Solution?
We already try to replace this buildings with the malden ones but dont work.
[code]18:41:50 Land_i_House_Big_01_V2_F: door_1_rot - unknown animation source door_1_sound_source
18:41:50 Land_i_House_Big_01_V2_F: door_1_handle_rot_1 - unknown animation source door_1_nosound_source
AusBloodhound Dec 19, 2021 @ 12:29pm 
where can i find the latest destructiblelist.cpp???
Avarose Sep 17, 2021 @ 10:59am 
Hi may i add this to my mod pack with credits to you in the file
Bear Aug 27, 2021 @ 1:32am 
Hi, i am new to server hosting and scripting, how do I make the land container give me the option to change pin. currently all pins 000 and no option to change like on other servers. thank you
Sandor Aug 12, 2021 @ 11:58pm 
the link to the mod in French no longer works can you update the link please thank you very much
Freakylein  [author] Jul 5, 2021 @ 9:31am 
you need the "EXILE" mod to play it. ;) have a look in the troubleshooting section ;)