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USS Nimitz
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Mar 12, 2016 @ 1:44am
May 6 @ 1:24pm
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USS Nimitz

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The USS Nimitz is a mod for Arma 3. It adds the nuclear powered carrier USS Nimitz to the BLUFOR side.

The ship is a static structure, does not move and is not pilotable. It is provided with explicit permission of its creator, Tetet.


• Full scale USS Nimitz model
• Complete walkable flight deck
• 4x Fully functioning aircraft steam catapults
• Automatic jet blast deflectors
• Landing area with working aircraft arrestor gear
• IFLOLS landing indicator
• 4x Side decks for mounted AA (coming in future patch)
• Complete hangar bay below flight deck
• Working aircraft elevators
• Ammo cart elevators
• Aircraft towing using UGV
• Functioning refuelling, rearming & repairing areas
• Full scale island with stairwell access to hangar and bridge
• Briefing room with customisable projections & maps
• Armoury area for personal weapons storage
• Colour coded AI deck personnel
• AI Catapult shooter animations
• Accessible rear lower deck area
• Working zodiac RIB deployment & retrieval area
• Deployable static models of Phoenix & MK82 bomb racks
• Multiple internal stairwells & pathways to access areas

Suggested compatible mods

John & Sauls F18

Firewills F14

Vanilla planes & helicopters do work to a certain extent with the carrier, but in general they act bumpy and tend to get damaged when taxiing or landing on the carrier.

Suggested compatible mission

Top Gun

Several PDF documents are included with in depth details & instructions which you should read, they are located here...

Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@USS Nimitz

This mod includes numerous modules that will enhance behaviour and realism of the carrier, see above documentation or for more in depth discussion & troubleshooting please visit the USS Nimitz BIS forum page...

Known Issues

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Jul 2 @ 11:42pm
Nimitz Boat system now working
[AF 2LT] L. Hog
May 12 @ 10:39am
Aircraft that respawn cant use the catapult
Z' M.A.K.
Aug 17, 2019 @ 11:29am
Can't use launch bar.
US Customs and Border Protection
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Maestroshake Aug 6 @ 11:40am 
*addition to last* I actually did discover that it is multiple sections of the ship both at the flight deck and below decks as well.
Maestroshake Aug 6 @ 11:38am 
I have tested the carrier on Stratis, Altis, and Isla Duala. Fresh placement in editor, and i have also tested it with no assets, automatically placed assets, and manually placed assets.

The carrier height issue was taken into account and adjusted for during placement, and no other part of the carrier seems affected, so i dont believe it is a terrain height issue. Its always the same two portions of the carrier that are affected; The better portion of starboard bow from the #1 catapult back to the point, and the portside aft section from the #4 elevator back to the fantail.

The assets placed on the flight deck will kinda just hang there where the level of the flight deck should be, but if you walk on it the dude just falls down about 1-3 meters

ThatsTheJoke.mp4 Jul 30 @ 10:39am 
I have nothing on the carrier except for an ambiance module, how do I get it so that the automatic flight operations actually launches other types of FA18s besides the blank/tanker presets?
ThatsTheJoke.mp4 Jul 30 @ 9:27am 
How does the automatic carrier operations work and why does it require mods that aren't mentioned on the workshop page?
TeTeTe3  [author] Jul 30 @ 6:44am 
@Blitz, this should only happen on an old version. not the current one. Can you try to update?
@Maestroshake, you must not change the height of the carrier when moving it, otherwise the error will remind you. Some of the scripts are hardcoded with the deck at 17.5 meters roughly.
@Limousin, @Maestroshake, can you share a mission where the problem happens? Is it only on Isla Duala or are other maps affected as well?
Vive Le Limousin ! Jul 30 @ 4:25am 
@Maestroshake I have the same problem on the map isla duala
Maestroshake Jul 25 @ 7:59pm 
I am also having an issue with parts of the carrier appearing sunk. I have troubleshooted by removing and replacing the carrier with fresh assets, but the same portion of the starboard bow still clips into the rest of the ship, rendering the flight deck unusable. I also see a frequent error pop up where any time i move the carrier it spams the error field on the editor and says the flight deck is either too high or too low.
Blitz ÂceRosin Jul 17 @ 5:50pm 
I got an error upon landing with the tailhook in the Black Wasp, as well as Firewill's F-14.

Line 126 of "ttt_nimitzfunctions\fn_arrest\fn_usetailhook.sqf"\
"{_plane getvariable "nimitztailhook"} |#|or _despawn) exitwith();"
"Error or: type object, expected bool,code"
is what A3 spat out at me, don't know what needs to be fixed, if anything, but, I hope it's fixed soon if possible. :selike:
TeTeTe3  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:26pm 
@silver, best to place the Nimitz afresh, then inspect it for those problems. I'm not aware of a smart/programmatic approach to the problem right now.
silver Jul 15 @ 10:27pm 
Having an issue on a dedicated server with the nimitz where the parts of the flight deck are empty, or sunk in. having it on the bow and stern on the carrier. Any fixes? could it be modules? or too many mods?