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ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions
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DLC: Apex
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Mar 11, 2016 @ 6:28am
Jul 26, 2019 @ 12:54am
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ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions

More Info:

ZEC adds a lot of prebuilt military objects such as bunkers, bases and outposts that can be placed down and used in your missions. It is very simple to use, just pick a template and place it down!

The mod is client side and only uses vanilla objects. It does not need to be running on other clients or the server, anything placed using ZEC in Eden will remain if the addon is either disabled or removed.

** How to find the ZEC templates in EDEN **
1. Select the 'Compositions' menu.
2. Click the 'Props' icon (yellow one, far right).
3. Expand out the category options to see the list of compositions.

** How to find the ZEC tempaltes in ZEUS **
1. Select 'Groups' from the menu.
2. Select the 'Empty' icon (yellow one, far right).
3. Expand out the category options to see the list of compositions.

Click on the template you want to use and you'll be able to place it in your mission. There are MANY different compositions to choose from!
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Dec 28, 2019 @ 4:50pm
livonia compositions.
< >
Gunter Severloh Mar 29 @ 9:42am 
Does not need to be on the server, when you use this in your mission it uses vanilla assets which the server will already have, and will not add an addon dependency to the mission.
Anton't Mar 29 @ 7:44am 
Yeah, I would also like to know if it needs to be installed on server.
Saxon Mar 26 @ 11:24pm 
Does this need to be installed on the server as well as the clinet?
PineCone227 Mar 22 @ 3:49am 
Issue traced to not be related to ZEC and ZEI. Ill report it to the ZEN team instead
PineCone227 Mar 21 @ 11:12am 
Well the issue is it makes it so you can only switch between categories but not click on any modules or units. Not sure how that looks on the programming side.
LSD  [author] Mar 21 @ 11:01am 
I presume ZEN and I both use the same 'hack' to get the modules showing in Zeus. Not aware of any other workaround that keeps this addon vanilla (non-CBA) so for now it seems they're just not compatible, sorry.
PineCone227 Mar 21 @ 3:50am 
Incompatible with ZEN. Makes the interface unusable
[♠] NFC3SPECTRO 1911 Feb 7 @ 5:10am 
is there a tutorial on how I can create a mod like this one?
redflame274 Dec 28, 2019 @ 4:34pm 
will you update it to have livonia compositions. all so love the mod good detal
Nightovizard Sep 13, 2019 @ 12:15pm 
Loks like there aren't any extra objects in 3den anymore, what happened to the ghost hotel buildings and other stuff? It's not longer available.